this is my first one so i am sorry if its rubbish

when shy 18 year old Amy moves to London from the USA to begin her new life without her family and starts to work at nandos. her days at work at anything but normal when a boy comes into Amy's life and changes it forever. will it be for the better or the worse?


1. Last Day Of School

"wake up Amy . you don't want to be late for your last day school" shouted Amy's mum

Amy turned over and opened her bright blue eyes and rubbed them

there was a sudden bounce on her bed. its was her sister Samantha

"wakey wakey sissy" shouted Samantha while jumping up and down  

" I will only get up if you make my breakfast ? " shouted Amy over her sisters bounces and

with that her sister jumped down off Amy's bed and ran down the stairs 

Amy finally got up and looked into her mirror wardrobes and just sighed. she never liked to see herself in the morning. 

As Amy walked down the stairs, she looked at the box in the hallway. she was finally moving out of her house

" Are you up yet Amy" Shouted her mum

"Yes i am coming now " Shouted Back Amy

Amy walked towards the living room door and opened it with a soft turn of the handle As she walked through the door, she could smell fresh pancakes. 

"Morning honey " said her dad

"Morning Dad " replied Amy in a tired voice

" Sit down Amy your sister has made you pancakes " her mum said motioning her to the table

Amy sat down down on the Shiny Black seats and waited for the pancake

"here you go Amy " Samantha said in her little voice smiling 

Amy sat in front of a big pile of pancakes that her sister had made

" Thank you Samantha " smiled Amy

Amy never was a big eater so she only took half a pancake and put syrup on it

"You Excited for your last day at High school? " questioned her dad

" yep i can;t wait to get a way from that place. i better go in the shower cuz i will be late for school  " smiled Amy finishing her pancake  

Amy Shot up like a bullet up the stairs and turned on the shower 

Amy Stud in the shower for a good 20 minutes thinking, it was the only place that she was left alone but that will change when she moves to London

when Amy  finally got the shower. she looked through her wardrobe to find something to wear

"what should i wear today maybe my skinny jeans and my checkered shirt. "

Amy got out her strightners and hair dryer. After she dryed her hair. she turned on her strighterners 


Amy Quickly Put on some eye-liner and her clothing and started to straighten her long brown hair she quickly turned off her strightners and jumped down the stairs grabbing her bag, shoes,her lunch money and her car Keys. everyone was surprised that she passed her test first time at the age of 17 but didn't get a car until her 18th birthday . 

" Going now bye" shouted Amy running out the door

" Don't forget to finish packing tonight before you leave tomorrow " Shouted her mum

Amy Quickly jumped into her car while putting her stuff on the back seat and she started to drive school. It was only a 10 minute drive to school from her house.

Amy luckily found a spot before the bell for school to start

Amy rushed through the door, trying not to knock anyone over

As she walked through the door to maths. everyone started to stare at her

Amy's POV

"why are you so late miss Jones" asked Mr Young

" I..I..I " i replied . i never was much of a talker 

"save it Jones just sit down "  Shouted Mr Young

I did was I told at sat in my seat next to Jeremy who was lets just say not the smartest cookie i have ever met but he was good looking so no-one ever cared 

after maths I was glad because Jeremy always copies off me and i am too shy to say anything

but least it was lunch now then i only had one more lesson then i would of finished high school

but at lunch I get things thrown at me by the popular people and they make fun of me for being quiet

so everyday for 8 years I have had things thrown at me but i only had to put up with it for one more hour then I would never see them again .

I liked lunch cuz I was able to be alone without anyone asking me if they could copy off me .

we only got 20 minutes for lunch then I had art which was my favourite subject and lets just say I do really well in art . its the place where I can express me self in a different light.

the bell rang which meant art. I quickly picked up my bag and run off to art . 

my teacher Miss Short said i had a gift and she was sad to see me go but knew that i would do well in what ever i chose to do in my life

Miss Short was my favourite teacher because she treated me like a daughter and a best friend cuz my friends went off with the popular people  so I was stuck with no friends

but i don't mind because it meant less drama in my life and that's good . 

i got my Art stuff out and started to finish my picture off .

we got an assignment which was draw something that represents you  so i drew a girl with a question mark on her face and wrote feelings around the head . This represents me because its all the feelings i have ever felt and i like to bottle things up so art was a way to let it all out 

After i finished my piece of art i showed miss Short

"wow Amy you have excellent detail in the face and on the question mark. i wish i was talented like you "

 " you are miss i learnt off the best " Miss Short Smiled 

i loved it how i can make people smile. teats the thing I love most about my self i can make people smile and thats one thing i was good at

After class finished  i picked up my art and gave miss Short a goodbye hug

" I am going to miss you Amy " whispered miss short with tears in her eye

"I am going to miss you too miss " wiping her tear

" you better do me proud in London Amy " laughed Miss Short

" I will do miss I promise " as I laugh back 

As I walked out the classroom and out the school building i turned around to look at my school that i had just finally finished and now i can start my life in London 

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