Lilies fall

Lily only comes to London in the summer. On one of her holidays she meets a boy named Michael (Mick). They instantly hit it off and to keep in touch they write letters but they find it to hard to stay together long distance. But as time passes and their love grows will they end up together.


6. The phone call dun dun duuuuuun!

I have never dreaded a phone call soo much and I had great reason to. here's how it went:

Me: hi you asked me to call you
Mick:yeah lily I dunno how to say this...
Me:Oh god...sniff sniff
Mick:are you crying
Me:Shit snuffle snuffle sob NO sob snuffle go on
Mick: I dunno why I did it and I just thought it was fair on you to say it!
Me:What mick? what?
Mick: I don't think this long distance relationship thing is working,we're only 13/14 and we live on different sides of the world.
Me:Oh god what did you do
Mick: I kind of kissed -tell her micky tell her
Me:who was that
Me:Sarah-J but she lives here in...
Mick:No sarah, my friend
Me You mean you kissed sarah or that was Sarah!
Mick:are you still there?
Mick:I'm sorry
Me:no no It wasn'tworking, I get that
Mick:We can still be friends
Me:I'm sad enough already you don't have to kick me when I'm down
Mick:no I mean it!
Me:Ok bye

I hung up without even giving him a chance to say goodbye. I got angry at first I shoved things infront of my door to stop people coming in. The wood of my cabinet scraping against my arms but Ididn't care. The pain felt good it spurred me on. I grabed the framed picture of us on the wall and threw it out the window and watched it smash into a million peices just like he had my heart. Then I turned my music up so loud that my eardrums were about to burst to try and drown my thoughts and feelings but it didn't work, then I pulled out the only alchol that I'd ever managed to get throught the doors and took a big gulp after gulp. I started to feel dizzy and woozy as the world was spinning around me and I could barely control my own body. I flopped onto my bed feeling the softness invelop me, just as suddenly as I'd started, I stopped feeling angry,turned down the music and burst out into tears crying from the pain of the cuts and the pain of my heart that he'd ripped into shreds. I curled up in a ball and sobbed until my throat hurt and no more tears would come. This was pain that no medicine could stop. This was pain.


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