Lilies fall

Lily only comes to London in the summer. On one of her holidays she meets a boy named Michael (Mick). They instantly hit it off and to keep in touch they write letters but they find it to hard to stay together long distance. But as time passes and their love grows will they end up together.


1. Holidays again.

 I don't know why but I'm never excited to go on holiday. Maybe it's because  miss my friends or maybe it's because WE GO TO THE SAME PLACE EVERY YEAR!! I live in New York but I was born in London and frankly it's the best but you kinda run out of things to do after you've been there a zillion times (exxageration by the way).But no matter what I think we still go. I guess it's okay. Maybe this time I'll try to make a pen friend.

When I got to London and got settled in our flat I went out to the park, that's near ,to sit ,get some air and relax from my super annoying family. Theres a bunch of people about my age playing football. (yes I'm from america but I say football because I lived in england). I watch them from a while, partly because I've got nothing else to do and partly because the boys were really fit. There was one boy in particular who was wearing chinos and a t-shirt I don't really remember much else because at that point he started walking over to me brushing his chesnut brown hair away from his deep deep deep brown eyes. "Hi" he said.
I have never been speechless before. Words just wouldn't come out of my mouth. I've been speaking well for about 10years-don't stop now.It felt like ages before I managed to squeak out a reply "hi"
I don't know how but from my ridiculous squeak he heard my accent. "Are you from America?"
In the space of about 10seconds I mangaed to reagin the ability to speak!!!"Well I live there but I was born in England"I've never had to struggle so much to get out a reply.
"cool. Do you wanna play footy."
"Yes!I mean yeah sure might as well"My looking cool plan had just gone down the drain.Shit. This is going badly. The only trouble with saying yes to this guys invite was that I can't play football. I couldn't score a goal if my life depended on it so how am I gonna impress this boy.My plan:.......... I don't have one. So I decided to run around and hope for the best and apparently it worked.Haha only joking. Things never work out like that for me. As usual I made a massive fool of myself. In my attempt to just run around I had failed to notice the slippery mud patches (bet you can guess what happens next).Oh yes. I fell in the mud luckily for me (I know your thinking how can this be lucky.I fell on my bum but my coat was coverng it so nothing got on my clothes and also the really fit guy helped me up! Aaaaaaah! Result ,at the end I got his name and number and I gave him mine. His names Michael but he said I should call hime Mick. He has some really nice friends as well. They're all boys except for the oldest. Sarah. I've got her number too and on the way home I was practically singing.

I got back home and turned on my phone
OMG OMG!! It was from Mick. It said : WAT U UP 2
I replied: NM U!
I basically shit myself with excitement I replied yes and we arranged to watch a scary movie 2moz.

I'm soo excited I swear I could walk on the walls or be Jesus and walk on water!!!



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