Lilies fall

Lily only comes to London in the summer. On one of her holidays she meets a boy named Michael (Mick). They instantly hit it off and to keep in touch they write letters but they find it to hard to stay together long distance. But as time passes and their love grows will they end up together.


3. Goodbye

The next week passed like a blur it was fantastic but the day that I had to leave came ever closer. We hung out almost everyday he showed me around where we were staying (nothing I didn't know but it was cute). But all the time there was a nagging in me. I kept thinking "What's gonna happen when I leave". 

We were just sitting in the park in this awquard silence (that always seems to happen to me). For once I wasn't the one to break it. "You're leaving tomorrow' Mick said. The look in his eyes broke my heart I didn'y know what to say. 
"uh-hu" was all I could come up with. Que awquard silence. "I don't wanna go though"
"I don't want you to either silly" Oh man wih every sweet word he was killing me.
"We could write to each-other"
"I suppose that's what we'll have to do"

At that moment my phone rang. I had to go back and pack. I didn't want to and he'd never looked so sad. I tried to walk away graciously but I tripped and fell. He ran to help me up ,laughing as he did so, and as we stood facing each-other looking into each-others eyes I didn't think I could do it. I didn't think that I could walk away from him and not see him for probably another year.Fuck. This is the hardest thing ever. It took an unbelievable amount of strength to not cry and just walk away. But I did and this time I didn't fall over.

I woke up and got in the car. I didn't want to talk to anyone. My mum was mumbling something about how sweet this was,just a childhood crush,she'll get over it. She just didn't understand. I couldn't see my self without him. This wasn't just a sweet little goodbye. It felt like my heart was being ripped out. I couldn't take it. I jumped out of the car an sprined to the park. Mick was sitting on the bench were we first met. He was just staring into space. I sat next to him. He jumped out of his skin.He turned to face me. "Why are you here. Aren't you supposed to be leaving" he whispered.
"I am leaving. I just couldn't without saying goodbye to you. I've never felt like this before."
"neither have I"
"I don't want you to be sad. I'll see you and write to you"
"I know"
I broke down a little bit.
He keaned in and kissed my tears away and whispered in my ear "I'll miss you"

The timing that my parents have is impecable. They had found me and sounded the horn. I got up and walked away.Got halfway to the car and ran back. "One more thing.was that cheesey or what"
He laughed. "wow subtle"




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