Lilies fall

Lily only comes to London in the summer. On one of her holidays she meets a boy named Michael (Mick). They instantly hit it off and to keep in touch they write letters but they find it to hard to stay together long distance. But as time passes and their love grows will they end up together.


2. First Kiss

I was up earlier than ever. It took me approx. 2hours to get ready. Pick the right outfit, shower ,hair ,make-up. Finally I was out the house by 6:30pm. I had to ask special permission from my parents to go out that late. And my parents made me want to die. "oooh who you going with" "Oooooh you've got a boyfriend. What's his name" Seriously if I wouldn't have got seriously told offf they would have found my fist in their faces.

But anyway I was out the house and Mick said he's pick me up. He arrived and rang the doorbell. I sprinted to the door and opened it. I was panting-atractive. He stared at me. I was sooooo self-conscious, my heart started beating was their something in my hair, a mark on my dress,pit stains oh please not pit stains.
"You look beautifull" He whispered.
I was sooo relieved let alone ecstatic. The fittest boy I have ever seen (apart from ted and leam off of 90210) was standing right infront of me and had just said 'you look beautiful'. I literallypinched myself.

He took me hand and we walked to the cinema. We talked but I don't really know what about. I think i just mmmhmmed the whole way. It was like a blur. I can't even remember the name of the movie. All I can remember is that when I got scared I snuggled up to him and he put his arm around me. And when I shivered he kissed the top of my head. IKR. The movie over we walked out of the cinema. Really awquardly like wether we should say anything about what hapened in the cinema. And as I always do in any awquard silence I say "sooooooooo". WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

We walked outside and I shivered with cold and lik a true gentleman he offered me his coat. I accepted but offered to share so we walked down the street with one jacket covering both of us. We both looked like fools this time. But happy fools. We took a cab back to mine because Summer in London is not Summer. It's more like winter. We stood outside the block of flats where I was staying and had an awquard Goodbye. I wanted to kiss him so bad. It took a lot of will power to resist his soft lip and to stop staring into his deep brown eyes. So I walked away and up to my flat. As soon as I got up the buzzer went for the flat. I answered it. "Aren't you going to kiss me then".
I said nothing but ran down the stairs. As I opened the door he span around pulled me close and kissed me. BEST NIGHT EVER!. It lasted for about 30 seconds which is quite long in kiss terms. I pulled away and smiled as I looked at the cheeky grin on his face and the sparkle in his eye. "See you tomorrow then."
Awquardly but smiling as we did we walked away from eachother. I wanted to stay here with him forever but I had to go home in just under 2 weeks. I couldn't bear the thought of that so i just flopped down on my bed. Apparently this dat stuff is quite tiring so I fell asleep....................

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