Lilies fall

Lily only comes to London in the summer. On one of her holidays she meets a boy named Michael (Mick). They instantly hit it off and to keep in touch they write letters but they find it to hard to stay together long distance. But as time passes and their love grows will they end up together.


5. drunk 10 yr olds and gay best friends ,oh the joy of teenage life

After nearly 2 months of persuasion Mum finally gave in and let Lindsy go to the party which she regretted as soon as lindsy got back.I have never laughed soooo hard in my entire lif. I swear a little bit of pee came out. Lindsy came back absolutely hammered. She had drunk vodka, done shots and I'm pretty sure she smoked weed(not speaking from experience,or am I?). Mum went bloody ballistic while I just stood there in the corner wetting myself as Mum tried to have a serious conversation with a drunk ten year old OMG!!! The funniest thing was the fact that Mum ket saying"even lily doesn't do these things,why dio you tink you can do them" "Lily is sooo sensible will you tell her" which is hilarious because I have been going to party's every month for the past year and a half but I am just better at hiding it than Lindsy and just because I'm in a particulary generous mood I will give you my tips.


1.Sleep-over at the persons house or another friends house where they are definitely not likely to see you drunk or tell your mother on you!

2.Drink lots of water and take vitamin c tablets if you remeber before you go to bed to reduce hangover!

3.Do not get a lift from your parents as they will know you are drunk,walk or get public transport!

4.If you do go home try to be as quiet as a drunk person can be!

5.Do not under any circumstances bring booze home for said parents to find!

6.If said parents do find you because you have weird parents that stay up all night for you ,try go to your room really really quick!

7.Do not get in an argument with your parents especially if you are an angry drunk!

8. Immediately stop all the fun drunk things that you do at a party because, trust me, you will highly regret it in the morning!

9.DO NOT give details to your parents on what has happened because a)they will not want to hear it b) you will not want them to know it in the morning and c) drunk parties are dirty little secrets

10.If all else fails sleep in a bath tub of the persons who's party it is' house or sleep in your own garage or dog shed.

Those tips are just foryou lindsy ,you fail of a sister you!!!haha!


In other BREAKING NEWS  Sarah-J and Dee are both gay and are going out! This is amazing I have to gay best friends. Unfortunately the trip to London must have seriously screwed up my gaydar because |I did not know anything about this. I am sooo surprised but at the same time excited. I just never expected this and it was sooo cute how they told us.Also surprisingly the cute couple things are not annoying seeing as a)they are a couple so it's an excuse and b)me and Mick do that stuff to (when i mean stuff i don't mean the stuff stuff i just mean stuff e.g finishing of each-others sentences doing the you hang up-no you hang up etc).


Surprisingly in both these situations I have kind of been the sensible one and in my case being the kind of sensible one is a record for sure!!!

After all the excitement I decided to email Mick:


Hey micky

can't get over your email adress-hilar!!!

You'll never guess what!
What? I hear you say
Sarah-J and Dee are going out with eachother-they're bi!!!!!
and my 10yr old sister got hammered and stupidly came home to my mother and father when they had a big row!!! Oh my life!!!

I miss you loads even though it has only been 2 months since I last saw you.

All my love


I feel like I'm on a cloud right now,literally. My life is almost perfect but because it's me I'm pretty sure that this will come tumbling down.

And with the bing of my computer it did. The email read:

Hey lil

We need to talk so can u call me when you get this.



He signed it Michael with no kisses. Omg what have I done, what did I do. I'm in america so I'm sure its not my bio (why do I always turn to the bio).



PRO: You don't have constapation problems
CON: Your super sweet boyfriend from england might be breaking up with you
PRO: (I can't think of anymore pro's)
CON: your world may come tumbling down and I'm pretty sure that means depresssion
PRO:you miss a bit of school? (I dunno I'm really struggling with the pro's here)
CON:you get really annoyed at the sweet couply stuff that girls love and seeing as the closest couple to me are both girls it's guey stuff central and that will just make me depressed anytime I see them.
PRO:If you do break up you don't have any super auqward accidental meeting because he lives in england.
CON:You might never see him again.

Okay so the cons seriously outway the pro's. I have to answer him anyway!!


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