Lilies fall

Lily only comes to London in the summer. On one of her holidays she meets a boy named Michael (Mick). They instantly hit it off and to keep in touch they write letters but they find it to hard to stay together long distance. But as time passes and their love grows will they end up together.


4. Back In America-did I ever mention how much this sucks!

So after the long flight in which my sister fell asleep in the seat next to me, snoring like a......a really large snory thing, and blocking me from going to the loo so much that I almost peed myself until I finally barged past her but her leg came back and chickened legged me in the aisle so I fell flat on my face and then when I finally got into the toilet I accidentally got locked in and spent an hour reading the ridiculously boring flight magasines which you can find in the toilet until my everloving loving parents realised that I wasn't sitting next to them......So yeah after all that ,I finally got home.
Shit I have school tomorrow. I woke up in the chaos that is the first school day after the hols. My dad seems to be the only calm one but that might be because he is the only one still sleeping-unfair or what? Do not say what. My sister spends forever in the bathroom even though she is younger than me and however long she spends in the bathroom it cannot work miracles on her ugly face!
So then we are all in the car FINALLY, late as we always are driving to School!I know I haven't really mentioned my sister before but that is because I don't really like her. Mum told her about Mick and she was sooo excited. I don't know why -I was the one going ot with him,I think, at least I hope so. She wouldn't shut up. You know the times when you want to punch someone and just let rip, I want to do that all the time to my sister. I swear.
I saw my friends at school, I missed them sooo much. I was going to tell them about Mick but I just couldn't I don't know why.I tried to speak but the words just didn't come out of my mouth,like they didn't want to or something. I guess that he is a different side of me.
The day was normal and kinda boring like school is ,Mandy shared with us the whole summer which believe me felt like a very long time when it came out of her mouth-love you Mandy. Sarah-J and Diana (Dee) spent there summer together and had become so close-like ridiculously close. I swear it was almost like they were going out except they weren't because they're not gay. Not that I have a problem with Gays it's just there not. They were finshing eachothers sentences and everything so even though I love them sooo much I was glad to be back home in peice and quiet, well as much as I could get before Mum and Linsy( my sister) kicked off one of there many arguments. This time it was about wther Lindsy could go to a party or not but I didn't really care. I zoned out after I saw the post.
Lily Nicholson 5 pentworth drive, New York, Manhattan. It was from england. I walked slowly towads it my heart pounding with excitement and nerve, I don't know why I was nervous. I slowly took it upstairs to my room. Dropped my bags and jumped onto my bed before riping the envelope open and almost tearing the letter with excitment. It read:

Hey Lil (I'm gonna call you that from now on if that's ok with you)

It was really nice to see you in London.I hope I got your adress right otherwise if this isn't Lily please stop reading.
Just wanted to send you one off the many letters I hope I'll get to send to you.Hope your flight was okay. I kinda misss you already although you know I'm not being clingy or anything!!

Kee me posted on anything.

Love Mick

OMG I love Mick. I swear I can't stand another minute apart.


PRO: He rights really sweeat letters
CON:He's not there in person
PRO: You don't have auqward meetings
CON:We barely had any anyway and I have a great way of getting round them
PRO:He leaves kisses at the bottom of the page
CON:They don't have really soft cherry flavoured lips and tongue (I know I'm gross but once you've kissed once you want to kiss angain)

So this is my reply letter:

Dear Mick

You can definitely call me Lil - i love it. Also had a thought, mailing is expensive so we could email- here's my eamail adress : lilynicholson<

My flight was great thanks and I miss you too-don't worry I don't think you're clingy. Maybe you could visit sometime or I'll visit you, I would say we could meet half way but that's in the middle of the ocean and it would just be easier to catch a plane.
Thanks for writing so quick. Life's good and no other news. Sorry, contrary to movies and popular opinion America is actually not that much different to england and it's kinda boring soooo. You know.

love lily

Now I'm quite bored and I can't stop thinking about Mick,did I ever mention how much this sucks!!


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