Confusing love

A young girl called Lola she is 18 and has a boyfriend called joe . Lola is 18 and joe is 19. They have been together for a year now but lola finds out some terrible news.


5. What to do

When I got home I ran and jumped in to my mums arms. I started to cry. She stroked my face and shushed me. "Lola what's the matter, I haven't seen you this bad since me and your Dad split up! What's the matter?" she asked. Lola replied "I found out that joe has been cheeting on me."
"oh darling I am so sorry, how did you find out." asked Lola's mum. "I was asleep and he had a text on his phone he was out at the shop and there was nothing left to do. it was right in front of me so I had to read it. It was off a girl named Chloe and it said are you still free tonight r something like that." replied Lola in a whimpering voice as she wiped her tears. Her mum hugged her and brought her into the living room . Lola whimpered "mum wha do you think I should do?".
"well I think you should just ask him if it is true and if it is just start crying and dump him, but be easy on him." replied Lola's mum. "ok ,but can I spend the night here?" asked Lola. "yes ,considering you live here!"
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