Confusing love

A young girl called Lola she is 18 and has a boyfriend called joe . Lola is 18 and joe is 19. They have been together for a year now but lola finds out some terrible news.


7. The park

Lola hadn't been out of the house for a week now ,she hadn't had a shower and was tucked up in bed crying.
One day her mum came in and knocked on the door and said " your friends just rang ,they said that they want to go the park the said they will be here in half an hour, so quick get in the shower!" Lola got out of bed and jumped in the shower. She washed her hair and dried it. She put some makeup on and done her hair. She put some clothes on and went downstairs. Her friends Were waiting downstairs ,so they set off and went to the park.
When they were in the park they were asking Lola who she found out about Joe and if she was ok. Suddenly she seen joe on the bench opposite with a girl ,he looked all happy and probably has been all week whilst Lola has been tucked up inbed crying all day.He started calling her Chloe.
Lolas eyes started to water ,then joe kissed Chloe on the lips. Lola burst into tears. Her friends started to ask if she was ok and what is the matter with her. She told them that joey was opposite with Chloe. Lola suddenly got a text saying 'hi Lola I am so upset because of our breakup I am stuck in bed crying love you and missing you loads Joe xxx' Lola replied I am opposite you and I can see you now I am at the park with my friends you lying little (swear) . Lola sent the text and changed her number so he couldn't text her.
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