Confusing love

A young girl called Lola she is 18 and has a boyfriend called joe . Lola is 18 and joe is 19. They have been together for a year now but lola finds out some terrible news.


2. One night

One night after collage Lola went to joes. She has a key and went in she went upstairs and he was texting someone as soon as he saw her he chucked his phone to the other side of the room. Lola asked him "what's the matter? Who were you texting" and Joe replied " nothing you just scared me and I was just texting you asking if you wanted to sleep at mine tonight." lola looked at him and and said "oh ok!" she ran over and gave him a hug. Joe ordered a pizza they snuggled up on the couch and watched a film. After the film it was quite late so they went up to bed.
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