Confusing love

A young girl called Lola she is 18 and has a boyfriend called joe . Lola is 18 and joe is 19. They have been together for a year now but lola finds out some terrible news.


3. Oh no

In the morning Lola woke up she looked around and she couldn't find joe ,she shouted "Joe ,Joe!" she got quite panicked but she couldn't be bothered getting up. She closed her eyes for a bit and snuggled up into the covers and fell back asleep.
Suddenly she heard a notice so she jumped up ,but it was only joes phone. She looked at it and it was a text. It was text from a girl named Chloe. She looked around and there was still no sign of Joe. There was nothing to do so she picked up the phone, opened the text, she read it slowly. It said 'hiya babe it's Chloe cant wait to see you from Chloe xxxxxxx '
Lola looked at the phone in shock. Her eyes started to fill up with water, she could feel her heart melt inside. Tears started to role down her face, she chucked the phone and started to cry! She sat there crying until suddenly ..... she heard the door slam! She wiped her tears and snuggled back into the duvet and pretended to sleep.
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