Confusing love

A young girl called Lola she is 18 and has a boyfriend called joe . Lola is 18 and joe is 19. They have been together for a year now but lola finds out some terrible news.


6. Big news

In the morning Lola went to joes flat she walked in and tried to hold the tears back. Joe was sitting there on the couch watching telly. He looked up with a big smile on his face. He ran over and hugged Lola. Lola pushed him of and said "I need to ask you something." They both sat down and Joe asked " Lola what do you want to ask me?" Lola looked up and said (trying to hold the tears back) "Joe ...... Have ou been cheating on me?"
Joe looked shocked. He looked to his left and bit his lip and said shaking " no I love you ,what would make you think that!" Lola looked at Joe and held his hand and said "joe we can tell each other anythink ,just look at me in the eye and tell me that you are not cheating on me."
Joe looked around and bit his lip evn more and sqoze his eyes tight and forced his words out "Fine" he started to shiver " fine I have been seeing someone else, I didn't mean it , I don't love her more than you." . Lola started to cry she asked " how long have you been with her ?" Joe replied "two months." Lola stood up and started to cry very much "I can't believe you would do this to me ,I thought you loved me." joe replied " I do but when your in collage I get bored not being with you!"
Lola walked over to joe and said "I'm sorry but it's over" she stood up and ran out the house, her mum was waiting out side she jumped in the car and looked at her mum and nodded and started to cry. Her mum hugged her and drove off.
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