Random Rabbles and Drabbles

this is some one-shots that i have done a wile back... so yeh


2. Unused idear for a story


Blacked out

I was there again, the peaceful field of corn moving slowly in the midsummer breeze, the sun beating down on my already scorched back. I was warm, safe. I was home. The smell of corn filled my nostrils with the musky smell of relentless summer.


Then suddenly there came a twang of thyme the strength of which over powered all my other senses completely. It was happening again. Then again I looked up to the baby blue sky, and saw again the fast cloud, black and menacing, devouring the sky.

As if on cue, all the corn shriveled and died, so I was just standing in a bare field filled with rocks. Then the rain started. It wasn’t normal rain; it came down and scorched your skin cold. Again I fell to the ground. Again hands over my ears. Again there came the drumming. The relentless drumming. The beat was repetitive and low. One, Two, Three, Four, One, Two, Three, Four, One, Two, Three, Four. It suddenly got louder. It pierced my eardrums. My ears were bleeding, gushing. It created an ocean, until I was swimming in it. I screamed. Again.


I woke up sweaty and exhausted. I clasped my thin scratchy blanket close to me. My heart was pounding. Finally realizing that it was just a dream. I pulled myself together and got off my stained mattress. Pulling on my hunting boots, that had moulded to my feet, I tiptoed across our shack. For that was the best way to describe it, wooden walls and floor, no carpet anywhere and no furniture. Tiptoeing past my mother, I caught sight of myself in the cracked, dust covered mirror. I stopped, backtracked, and looked at my face. Rue Manning. The dark haired girl that stared back at me looked nothing like I’d hoped. My features weren’t much to brag about, and my scar from when I’d come across a homicidal bear were hardly inviting. I sighed. Maybe this is why I don’t have many friends, but banished the thought immediately. You can’t afford to have friends I told myself sternly. You can’t feed your family on friends. Unless you’re a cannibal I thought and laughed. I couldn’t remember the last time I laughed.


Outside was just as bad. The massive, silent, dusty, power stations. The dust covered everything, leaving our part of the world covered in a thick layer of proverbial depression. We used to create electricity, until the fossil fuels ran out. Now we’re struggling for survival. Walking through an alley that led to the town centre, because I needed to trade my old worn out baby clothes for a morsel of food for my family. My family is comprised of: My Mother who suffers from crippling depression, my sister Rose and me. My father died when I was one, from a lightening strike. So now, I’m the one who has to feed us, clothe us and make sure we have a roof over our heads. Bit much for a fifteen-year-old girl, who’s not out of school yet. I neared the end of the alley, something’s not right. The whole town’s here shouting abuse at something I can’t see. Moving slowly towards the end of the alley I see…


Oh My God! In the middle of our town centre there was a podium but no one ever used it. But now, standing there was Jam, my best friend. He was hunched over and there’s someone standing over him, hold a whip stained with his blood. I forced my way into the crowd, passed half drunk activists and made my way to podium. This was what our town had been reduced to.

“Stop” I shouted at the man who was readying himself for another strike to Jam’s back. “Stop!” I was screaming by now, I didn’t realize how much I cared, but seeing your best friend whipped into unconsciousness is bound to make you scream. The man turned around. “Let Him Go!” I said and cursed him. I started climbing up the podium, shouting curse words at his face. I stopped breathless, and then he grabbed my shoulders, his face devoid of emotion and simply pushed me off the 2 metre high podium. I grappled for a hold but found nothing. I just had time before I hit to wonder how the world became so barbaric. My head smacked the pavement and my world went black. I slipped into unconsciousness, dead to the world. 

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