Random Rabbles and Drabbles

this is some one-shots that i have done a wile back... so yeh


1. An unused prologue


The girl with black nails.


Kiria, 1824

The palace of king luscious VI

Thouse liked to think he was a just and helpful prince. But unfortunately he was nether. He was more an evil and arrogant prince than any thing else , and being 13 meant that it was even more sinister.

Thouse was bored. No one really under stood why at the time considering his lavish accommodations and multiple sídhe servants but he was Non-the less.

“Scrant, here now” called the young sídhe his teeth gritted at his predicament.

“Y-y-yes your ma-maj-esty “ the poor fairy had a constant stutter that seemed to be aggravated when he was in thouse’s presence.

“I’m bored scrant, bored out of my wits. Amuse me.” Said thouse flicking a rogue strand of jet-black hair out of his eyes with an impatient gesture.

“W-we co-could play hide and s-seek? O-or maybe your majesty would prefer some thing more active l-like tag” scrant looked just to the left of his employers eye and gazed up with an expression that showed him for the sickafant he really was.

“yaaaar!” shouted thouse in frustration. Suddenly losing all composure and throwing the closest thing, which happed to be a copy of the laws of under land, at scrant’s giant green head. The poor fairy ducked just in time but a maid ,whose skin was the color of fresh pine needles, behind him wasn’t so lucky the force of the blow making her spin in the air as the leather bound book hit her square in the face. Two guards in full armor appeared from behind the marble pillars with a Streator convinatly in hand and lifted the female servant on to it and out of the hall.

“I’m so tired of hide and seek. That’s all I seem to do now.” Growled Thouse he stood and took a few steps forward to put enfaces on his following words gesticulating wildly as he did so “ever since my farther left me to go on some trip or something…”

“Mi-mission s-sir” scrant offered helpfully

“Yes that, all I seem to do is play hide and seek, like I could still be entertained by such trivial things. I am a not a child!” he said with such discussed that all who hared would think it was maybe the name of some brownie clan that for the umpteenth time had up set the covenant. ”I want some thing more fun than that…I…” he stopped. A slow smile spread across his face. It wasn’t a pleasant smile it was a vampire smile, many servants and on lookers took an involuntary step back in utter terror. They knew what was coming next they had only seen that look once before from the king, when he had the idea of invading lacuna and look where that got them.

“M-my lord?” scrant almost whispered. Still keeping his unnerving leer thouse spoke very slowly and loudly

“I want a competition and in this competition I want 4 ‘volunteers’ to fight to the death for my and your amusement” thouse let his words sink in the enormity of his statement becoming clear to most of the more intelligent members of the room. The silence was defining. This was the beginning of the end.



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