Darkness aproches

ruined romance. heart break and drama


1. Darkness aproches 2

It’s all around me, his eyes just watching me like a hawk. I can’t see him, but I can feel him all around. His presence lingers everywhere I go. Why can’t he just go, I don’t want to know anymore. The scars are old but they still hurt. The pain will never leave me.  He would always say it’s different this time I can control myself I won’t ever hurt you again. I bite my tongue so no one hears me scream at night. I brunt all our pictures we had of us together, don’t you understand? I can’t let you hurt me over and over again. I won’t let it happen. Every time I start to get better you come back and push me back to the very start again. I’ve known you for so long, I’ve loved you just as long, and you love that. You love the power that you had over me… you still do.  You take and never give anything back. I’ve no energy left to give. You have sucked every last drop out of my lifeless body, I lie limp and motionless at night. My screams echo my head constantly. It’s like they are on replay and they refuse to stop. Your killing me slowly, you’re killing me softly. I’m dying and you know it. Will you stop now? No of course not why would you. You think this is a game it’s fun to you. If you knew how bad I was really hurting would you stop? Would you try and fix the broken girl that lies before you? I don’t believe you would. I give up. If you want this broken dying girl that is sitting in front of you then here take me and be done with it. I can’t resist any longer I haven’t got the strength to say no anymore. Take me down under and turn me like you. Let me be released of all this pain and suffering. Make it stop let me happy again. Let me live without sadness in my eyes.  Maybe then you will truly love me. I would be just like you why wouldn’t you love me? I would be evil, manipulative and ruthless. You would look up at me like I was a god. You are the devils child born evil and died evil. Now you have dug your claws into me. And you always get your way. I was born with a pure heart I wanted to be good I was a happy content child. That all stopped when I met you. You are not evil.

You are hell itself.

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