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This is a story about what could happen to the cast of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory during a break on set. It has nothing to do with the characters of the show, but about the people who play these guys. As I don't know any of them in person, I don't know if they would really act like this. It is pure fiction. It includes Star Trek, as well as some physics and I did my best to make it funny. It's about to remember what happened in the 5th season of the show. When something extraordinary happened that not even Sheldon could explain, and Jim disappears, the other guys try to figure out what happened and what they could do that everything is as it used to be.


2. Part 2


Simon: What have I done? I was just looking.

Kunal: You squeezed like a baby. You know that I can’t hear that. It sounded like a mouse going into a trap.

Simon: I am not a mouse and I haven’t squeezed. I don’t know what you have heard, man.

Kaley: I don’t care what you have heard. I haven’t heard anything and now let you hear my triumphal song.  

She starts dancing, using the paddle as a dancing partner. She holds it with her right hand and puts her left hand behind it. Then she starts singing.  

Kaley: I am the greatest, and the best. No one can beat me, no one can beat me.

Kunal: I just let you win. Next time it’ll be me again. I wanna get a revenge.   S

imon comes over to him, put his left arm around Kunal and place his hand on Kunal’s left shoulder.  

Simon: You should realize that you lost. It’s not such a big deal.

Kunal: Of course not. Not for you. You always lose. But I am good at this, and I don’t want you to ruin this tournament for me.

Simon: I haven’t ruined anything. Stop saying that.  

He puts his arm back and goes one step back. He is still smiling and turns his head towards Kaley who now stops singing and dancing. She goes to the left, then to the right like she is listening to something. She puts her hair behind her ear, looks at the ceiling, hoping to hear it more clearly.   Simon and Kunal are confused.

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