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This is a story about what could happen to the cast of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory during a break on set. It has nothing to do with the characters of the show, but about the people who play these guys. As I don't know any of them in person, I don't know if they would really act like this. It is pure fiction. It includes Star Trek, as well as some physics and I did my best to make it funny. It's about to remember what happened in the 5th season of the show. When something extraordinary happened that not even Sheldon could explain, and Jim disappears, the other guys try to figure out what happened and what they could do that everything is as it used to be.


11. Part 11


Mayim goes to Melissa, puts her hands down, and shows her the girl.  

Mayim: She is the one you should pay attention on. She is doing weird things with us and all you care about is your height? Wake up, girl.

Melissa: I don’t think that I am dreaming. Though everything in here looks different.  

She looks around, turning her head into all directions.  

Melissa: What is this? Star Trek?

Bill: It totally looks like that. It’s just that I can’t touch anything.

Girl: Here, what about this.  

The girl throws something at him, and then he holds a laser sword in his hands. He gazes at it. Walking and looking at it like a trophy, holding it up in the air.  

Bill: Oh my God. I am holding a real laser sword in my hands. Is this even possible? How long have I waited for this? I don’t care if this is only my imagination, I am living my dream.  

Kaley goes to the girl, wants to shake her, but falls through her.  

Kaley: What are you? Why can’t I touch you? And what have you now done to Bill?

Girl: I am not here, I am physically somewhere else. What you see isn’t real. Also the sword is not real, it’s a simple candlestick. That’s what I wanna tell you all the time. But you aren’t listening.

Johnny: Yeah we got it. This is not what it looks like. But why do we see all the same if everyone sees everything differently, in his own imagination?

Girl: Because I want you to see the same thing. I change the codes, that’s it. You have to find the arrangement of the atoms of something and then find a combination of molecules that overwrites the code. This caused that it reflects the light differently and so it looks differently but it is still the same of course. I can’t change the form of something. But the eyes are easy to manipulate, and that’s all I did.  

She walks through the room, away from the guys.

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