Short stories

Different short stories. But every one is as unique as every human being. Every story is about another person's life, and it shows how deeply affected we can be by all the people who are part of our lives. Every one has a story to tell.


2. Just an act

He is standing in front of the mirror, checking his suit. Everything has to be perfect from this moment on. He doesn’t want to blame himself in any way. This is a very important meeting  with business men, and he is told to do his best to get the job. His boss has put all his hope  into him, his best man. He can get a very big deal, he knows exactly how to handle such  situations and what to say to these people that they can’t say no. He adjusts his tie, smoothes  down his suit, looks once again into the mirror and then he goes into the meeting room.  The people in there all gazes at him, there is absolute silence when he enters the room. They  see his deep wrinkles on his face, one cup falls down, the persons who are standing have  taken a seat. The man goes in front of the whole group of people, stands behind the speaker’s  desk and begins to talk, to raise his voice. It’s dark and deep, he speaks loud and clear. They  hang on his every word, they do not try to ask him something or say anything. He is tall, wearing a black suit that looks expensive. He is calm, keeps a straight face. No one can see  what he is thinking. He seems to be a mystery to them. He just stands there, like a king who  looks down to the his people. The big conqueror, who just makes this place his. Where  everyone only has to stay silent and listen to his words, to what he has to say. The big, the tall  man with the black suit. A perfect look. A perfect chosen line of words for his speech like he  does that all the time. Yes, he was good, he was the best. Everyone knows that. He spreads  this authority. No one knows, why he is not the head of the department. Maybe his boss is the  only one who can handle him, who can dare to speak to him. This man is for all the people  sitting there in the room the lord. Not that they wouldn’t have dared to say anything against  his harsh words, against that tone that he has in his voice when he says something. He doesn’t  need a microphone for speaking loudly. And even though it scares them, they don’t hate him.  For some reason they all know that he knows what he is doing and they believe in his words.  Still hanging on his lips, then get up and applaud after the speech. The room is now filled of  hand clapping. And in front stands a man who smiles, like he triumphs. A smile. The smile of  a man who recognizes he did a great job. He has that deal. He has chosen the right words. His  boss will be proud. He goes, starts to walk, walk away from the crowd, out of the room. His job is done. He begin  to loosen his tie, starts to smile, to laugh. So loud, but yet no one can hear him. He is too far  away from anybody. He just enters the car, sits behind the steering wheel, puts his hands on it  and grabs it as hard as he can. He closes his eyes and starts the engine. The energy is moving  through his body, he can feel that. He can feel its power and he wants to be fast. He smiles.  Not triumphantly. No. He is excited. He can’t wait. The next thing has to come. He can feel it.  It comes closer and closer, and that makes him happier and happier. He looks around the  streets, he smells the roses in gardens. The gardens colored with flowers, with roses, filled of  their smell. Yes, he smiles.  He stops the car, parks it on the driveway. The throws the tie away and also the jacket of his  suit. He did this other job so quickly to be here, again. When he opens the door, a little boy  runs towards the man. He jumps into his arms, gives him a kiss. And the man smiles. He  smiles like a kid who stands in a toy store. His eyes were sparkling, his voice low, soft and  calm. He hugs that little boy, kisses him and can’t stop smiling.

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