The moment

What is the most precious in our world? It's there all the time, but so many can't see it. The little moments make our day, all these moments are brought by time. Close your eyes, and you'll be able to see the real beauty of life. Because here and now, is this one moment, arose from the past, for lasting unforgotten in the future.


1. The moment

It’s there, all the time,
surrounds me, but I can’t catch it,
I can’t hold, can’t keep it.
I can’t actually see it,
but I feel it.
I wanna hold it, don’t wanna give it away,
it flows like water through my hands.
It doesn’t stop,
once it’s gone, it will never come back.
Even though I wanna frame it, capture it
that I will never forget it,
but I simply can't.
It changed everything,
turned my life upside down,
I can’t describe it,
don’t know where it came from.
Out of a sudden it was just there,
felt like rushing by,
like a shooting star in the sky.
It was so special, it was so unique,
I know it’s gone, I know it won’t come back.
But that doesn’t matter,
because I’ve saved it in my mind.

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