The moment

What is the most precious in our world? It's there all the time, but so many can't see it. The little moments make our day, all these moments are brought by time. Close your eyes, and you'll be able to see the real beauty of life. Because here and now, is this one moment, arose from the past, for lasting unforgotten in the future.


4. The Lighthouse


You are sailing on the sea,

It’s bright, the sun is shining.

A clear blue sky,

And look at the sea,

So calm and silent and peacefully.  


You feel the warm wind on your skin

Being embraced by the sun.

You enjoy your day,

But there is something wrong.

Why can’t you see, the one you miss?

Why is the one you love not here with you?

Why not now?  

Suddenly the wind gets stronger, T

he sun seems to be afraid,

Hiding behind the clouds.

It gets dark, the sea creates huge waves.

You can’t see anything, just the dark.

You feel the cold water on your skin.

Everything you want is finding back to the coast.  

Your thoughts were gone,

You stopped missing, you want to survive.

You want to guide your ship back safely,

As well as yourself.

And in the dark you are finally able to see a light.

The help you need, the reason you haven’t seen your love.

Standing like a lighthouse at the coast,

Guiding you back home.

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