The moment

What is the most precious in our world? It's there all the time, but so many can't see it. The little moments make our day, all these moments are brought by time. Close your eyes, and you'll be able to see the real beauty of life. Because here and now, is this one moment, arose from the past, for lasting unforgotten in the future.


2. Inside the treasure chest

When I felt lonely,
and couldn’t see any future,
couldn’t see how it should go on,
and what I am supposed to do,
a man showed up,
he just appeared, sat next to me.
We talked endlessly,
and it felt good.
When I asked him where he came from,
he looked at me, right into my eyes and said,
that he was here all the time,
I just haven’t noticed him.
I replied this can’t be possible,
but then he said that the eyes can’t see everything that is existing.
When I looked at him puzzled,
He asked me what my biggest treasure is.
I wondered about that question and said
that I’m not rich, that I don’t have much money,
no gold and not even a piece of jewelry.
He said that everyone has a treasure chest,
it’s full of something that is more precious than any money.
I was thinking about that,
me sitting in front of that chest, opening it, and see its content sparkling.
I would be rich, finally, my sorrows would all be gone,
and all my pain would be simply removed,
but then I asked myself why no one had ever told me about it.
So I asked him where mine is, where I could find my treasure chest.
And then he smiles: Right in front of you.

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