Monsteroligist Book 1: Lawrence Johnson

This is a new series, which is Monsteroligist. Little Lawrence Johnson, who is a boy, is rendezvous, and confusing!


2. The Wacky Dryad Fight

"Agh! Dust bunnies! Samuel! Quickly! Grab a vacum cleaner!" I shouted. Samuel was a talking yarnsalk. One of the most rarest birds in history. Luckily, I found him nibbling and chewing my roof, in the late 17's. Dodo's were enemies then. Yarnsalks have a hooked-shaped feather that's on top of their head, and it's purple, blue, and green. The rest of the body's green, the beak's purple, and the claws are blue. He came flying down the stairs, carrying the teensy tiny vacum with his beak. That teensy tiny vacum wasn't any other vacum, it was a BOLD one. Not from the outside, but the inside. It sucked up all those dust bunnies in one GIANT slurp. It had it's lunch, I would say. "HURRY UP! They're tearing my quilt apart!" shouted Aunt Georgia. "Want any help? SQUAK!" chirped Samuel. "Nah, I got this." I insisted. "The dryads were flying all over the hallway. One on the right wall, seven on the ceiling, 4 dancing on the floor, and 3,000 hanging from the left. I flipped the net back and forth, catching at least one dryad. On my seventh flip, I caught 2,000 dryads, squirming, and struggling to escape. The last few flips, I caught 1,000 dryads, then 65 from one more flip. "Now you're happy?" I mumbled to Aunt Georgia. "Um, sir, NO." she puffed and exited the hallway in one big gruff, and I'm sure she stumbled over some gargoyles on the way. I was sweating, and I'm sure she put like $10 gallons in my allowance. When I was walking to the kitchen, I saw a letter enter the mail. "Thank you!" I yelled kindly to the mail man. "You're Welcome!" he yelled back. Oh, what was this?

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