Monsteroligist Book 1: Lawrence Johnson

This is a new series, which is Monsteroligist. Little Lawrence Johnson, who is a boy, is rendezvous, and confusing!


1. Prologue

"No way Jose! Dryads! Dryads! EVERYWHERE!" shouted my Aunt Georgia. She has a dryad fright, and doesn't want me fooling around with them. My name is Lawrence. Lawrence Johnson. Uh-huh. I'm a Johnson. Don't know any Johnsons? Like, the famous ones? Nope? Well, they're quite famous. The Johnsons were all adventurers, authors, inventors, and even mapmakers! They're all famous. Um... maybe not all. Perhaps, I'm not. Just same sold Lawrence. I'm 10 years old, and I wear glasses, they're from T.R.E.N.T. perhaps you got some too. Um, oh yeah, back into the dryad thing. "Get a broom! A cage! Anything! Get a net perhaps!Aunt Georgie screamed. Well, maybe squeaked. I got a dusty old net from the cupboard wear I always see my fairy friend. His name was Lanny. Lanny's a boy, just like me. He has a crown with a wand, he always brings it with him. "Hey, Lanny! Have you seen my dryad net? I seem to have lost it." I asked. "Uh, sure. It's in the other cupboard, where that goblin is. Be careful with it! It's nasty." Lanny answered. I slowly opened the dusty, charcoal cupboard and saw a goblin sipping on oil. "Erm, hello? Excuse me?" I interrupted. "Oh, ye' Lanny's friend'o?" he asked. "Um, yeah..." I answered creepily, or more nervously. "Cool. The net's right there'o. I have used it for catching 'those annoying dust bunnies." he added. "Oh, yeah, me name is Grumblesack. Call me Grumbles instead." "Oh, okay. Nice to meet you... um... Grumbles." I tried to keep a smile on my face. I reached for the net. It was covered in dust bunnies!

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