That First Day

This is about a teenager that wishes those fun, endless nights of summer would just never end. Sadly, they have to. She has to go back to high school. She dreads that high school. Until one day, everything changes in Brooke's life. Things that she thought would never happen have come true. Fate is a crazy thing, Brooke thinks. But her whole life has been turned around by fate.


2. The Surprise

"WAKE UP!" My mom screamed. Wow. I really need an alarm clock.

"Okay okay I'm awake! What's the big deal? I'm not going to be late to my stupid school...and if I am who cares? Not me!" I am still very upset at the fact that I never got a response back from the Music and Arts school.

As I jump out of bed, I listen to the Take Me Home Deluxe Edition album (and of course Up All Night)  while I change and get ready. If you were going to ask what my favorite song was, well I can't choose! I love C'mon C'mon, Kiss You, and like uhh all of them!

Hmmmm...what to wear? Why should I care anyway? It's just a stupid high school. So I put on a classy striped shirt along with some red colored pants. I put a tad of mascara on and curl my hair and I go down stairs for breakfast.

"Hey mom, what's for breakfast?" I ask hungrily.

"Just grab a bowl of cereal and come into the dining room, I have something to tell you." She urges me.

I start to get confused and my heartbeat races. I wonder what is to come.....

I grab a bowl of Honey Combs and race to the dining room. "What is it mom?" I'm so curious.

"Well, turns out you won't be going to regular high school after all! There was a mix up and you are now accepted into the school of your dreams along with Sophie. Congrats Brookie! ♥"

I could not believe what I just heard. I just dropped my bowl of cereal to the ground and hugged my mom so tight. "YAY!!!" I scream. I rush to clean the cereal mess off the ground and then the doorbell rings. 

"Good morning Brooke!" Sophie says happily.

"Hi Soph! Did you hear? I'm going to the same school as you!!!!!!" I yell.

"That's not all Brooke, didn't you hear?" Sophie questions.

"No...wha- Brooke, well you see, this school is not only for teenagers like you and Sophie, it's for singers and actors that may want to go further with their arts education. That means many famous people could be taking classes at the school. You just have to be careful with the fame all around you dear." My mom explains.

I am so emotional it's hard to hold in my tears. Anyone could be there! Anyone!! AGHHH!!!

 So me and Sophie fly into into my mother's SUV as fast as the butterflies fluttering in my stomach and head to school! We can't wait.

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