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1. Chapter 1

As a tween I understand that many young people from the age of 12 to about 16 are unfairly accused of watching tv and slobbing around in our underwear (particularly boys!) Well, I think that is a crime in itself. Many young people read an write, only since the creation of kindles and iPads they are reading in different ways and that has lead to a false accuse on all young people. It's adults that have caused this judgement on young people claiming them to be "TV addicts", game players" and "lazy". After reading this, maybe you will realise that teens (and Tweens) are using their imagination to create brilliant stories. Who knows, maybe in Agee years time I'll be the next JKRowling and the public will be looking ip to me and my creations. Look around you, think about how many creative writing websites there are! Including movellas which I use myself. That is proof enough don't you think? Also I read every morning and every night and many of my friends do as well. Our school library is always full of people reading. We have a reading club at school, and a creative writing club. A recent survey was taken and from so many rumours that "reading isn't cool" teens are even embarrassed about being seen with a book. How can you let the future of earth be embarrassed by being able to enter millions of new worlds? This is the fault of technology and immature kids who think its cool to extinguish someone's passions. It's a hazard to the future. We have proof that we are not slobs. We have proof that we as young people love to read and write.
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