Is This Even Real? (A Niall Horan fanfiction)

Serena was just an ordinary girl. She likes to talk about boys and gossips. But when she first laid eyes on this freshmen, a clumsy, weird-looking, shy guy named Niall Horan, she felt sparks.


2. You Took My Phone!


Ah, school. The place where you can eat anything you want without getting caught by your parents. Same thing goes for Serena Clarkson. As she step into her FABULOUS school, her phone buzzed. She stares at it while walking and don't even pay attention at where she's going.

She quickly learns that if you focus on something and not paying attention at where you're going, you're gonna end up hitting something or someone. 2 iPhones immediately fell to the ground with a loud thump!

"Ouch, I'm so sorry!" She picks up her iPhone from the ground and so was the person that she hit.

"Nah, me too. I wasn't paying any attention." The person said, stuffing his phone inside his bag. He has a thick Irish accent. When Serena look up, she met a beautiful piercing blue eyes that is staring into her blue eyes.

"Oh, sorry." She quickly looks down and curse herself silently. Now that guy would see her as a freak that loves to stare at other people's face. The bells starts to ring. "Shoot, I gotta go. Bye!" she waved and then walks away to the stairs.

She frowns, trying to remember who is he. Probably someone she never saw. Since she didn't even know him, she finally drag her feet up to 3rd floor. yes, 3rd floor. Her class is up there. She keep cursing and grunting as she finally make it to the top and slowly walks to her class.

"Yo class." She said as she opes the class. Heads turn to her, then turn back to whatever-they-were-doing. She quickly made her way to the seat at the back where her best friend, Emma was waiting.

"There you are," she said, locking her BlackBerry then put it on the table in front of them. "You're almost late again, you know that?"

"Ah, I don't give a shit, Em." Serena said, waving her hand. Her best friend just rolled her eyes at Ser's attitude. Serena is the most carefree person in the world, and that sometimes get her into trouble.

"So," Emma shift in her seat. "have you seen the freshmen?" Serena closed her book.

"What did you said?"

"The freshmen, silly. He's in our year! Man, he's god damn cool." Emma said with her dreamy face.

"Blonde, blue eyes?" Emma's eyebrow shot up.

"How'd you know?"

"Haha," Serena pulled out her iPhone. "Because I just-" she stopped. She look at her iPhone lock screen and gasped. The guy on the lock screen looks familiar. "Who- I never changed my lock screen!"

"What?" Emma pulled Ser's hand and stare at the lock screen. It was a picture of a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes with crooked teeth wearing a Jack Wills hoodie. "I know this guy. Holy shit! Ser!"

"What?" Serena said, frowning.

"It's- It's-" Emma stuttered. And that's when Serena remembers who is he. That's why she thought he's familiar!

She pull that phone from Emma and run down the stairs. Where is he, where is he- she keep asking herself. God really wants them to meet, and there he was, turning around like he's looking for someone. Or something.




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