Is This Even Real? (A Niall Horan fanfiction)

Serena was just an ordinary girl. She likes to talk about boys and gossips. But when she first laid eyes on this freshmen, a clumsy, weird-looking, shy guy named Niall Horan, she felt sparks.


1. Serena Annabella Clarkson

Hi! I'm Serena! My friends usually calls me Ser. Anyways, I'm 14. Blonde. Blue eyes. Loves food.

When is your b'day? : November 16th 1993

What's your fav food? : Does Oreos count?

What are your fav things to do? : Read a book..

What is your fav drink? : Is yoghurt a drink?

What kind of questions people usually ask anyway? I have no idea. So that's all! :Dx

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