Is This Even Real? (A Niall Horan fanfiction)

Serena was just an ordinary girl. She likes to talk about boys and gossips. But when she first laid eyes on this freshmen, a clumsy, weird-looking, shy guy named Niall Horan, she felt sparks.


4. Not-So-Beautiful-Day

(A/N Haven't updated for like ages. My wifi broke down. So here it is. And there are some or maybe just one explicit content/s down there. And fyi, this is for Niall's POV, And this is for Serena's POV. It's going to be like that til the end of this story. ;) Thanks for reading anyway! :)xxx -B)

Serena's POV



“Serena!” I faintly hear my name being yelled through the song playing. I turn around, only to find an extremely sweaty Niall Horan, panting. I pull my earbuds off.

“What?” I said, glaring at him. Judge me! He makes me late!

“I’ve been yelling for you to wait since 15 minutes ago!” He said, out of breath. I roll my eyes and turn around and continue walk to Mr. Bruner’s office. “Ser!”

I sigh and roll my eyes. He finally kept up with me, walking next to me. We finally reach Mr. Bruner’s office. I take a long breath, and knock the door.

“Come in.” I hear Mr. Bruner’s voice. I turn to Niall and shrug. I push the door open. Cold air immediately wrap around me.

“Ah, Ms. Clarke, Mr. Horan,” He said, smiling. “I’ve been expecting you.” Those words make me shiver. Its like he was an evil guy in those action movies saying ‘I’ve been expecting you’. It’s creepy. “Have a seat.”

We both sit down and my palms start to sweat. I begin to think about all the tortures he could give us, starting from picking up every single trash in the school yard, arranging his students files, (Which is a lot) and god knows what else.

“I understand why you both are late this morning, but still, you break the rules. So want it or not, you got detention.” He said, putting his hand on the table. “Even though it’s Mr. Horan’s first day.” He interrupted when Niall starts to open his mouth to talk. He immediately lowered his head.

“What are we going to do, sir?” I give a special tense on the word sir. I don’t know. I’m just that annoyed. I don’t care if he noticed.

“I will give you two a special assignment. It’s a team assignment, so you must do it together.” I groan and face-palmed my self.

“But why him?” I ask desperately. The last thing I need was an annoying freshmen that makes me late and dare to say my name after doing those all.

“Because you and him are late.” Thank you, Captain Obvious.

“What’s the assignment, sir?” I heard Niall ask. I turn my head lazily at him and shot him an evil look. He shrugged, as if saying ‘What?’

“You two must do a research about the 12 Olympians gods and goddesses. Their history, family tree, everything you can possibly get. Due by this Friday.”


“You’re kidding right? We only have 4 days?” I said, my eyes widened. He nods. I groan again.

“You can go now. And remember, due by Friday!” He said, shooing us out.

That stupid idiot sonfofabitch I hate him omfg I’m going to kill him-

“Ser?” Niall waved his hand in front of me. I shot him an annoyed look. “Are you mad?” I rolled my eyes. “Oh, you’re mad.”

I begin to quicken my steps. “Ser, wait up!” I stopped.

“My house at 5. No early coming, no late. I want to finish this as soon as possible. Give me your phone.” He hand out his phone, and I start to type my number and save it. “Don’t be late or I’m going to kill you.” With that I run and turn right to my dad’s car, smiling to my personal driver.



Niall’s POV

Here we go, Nialler. Come on, you can do this. It’s just a girl! Well, an extremely cute girl, but never mind. Go on.

With my annoying brain trying to tell me what to do, I finally got the nerve to ring the bell.

“A sec!” I faintly heard a girl yelling. I check my watch, 16:59. I’m one minute early! She’s going to kill me. The door opened only to show Serena in her cropped-tee over her white tanktop, and shorts. I cleared my throat.

“Oh great. You’re here.” She said, rolling her eyes. By that, the clock behind her made a DING sound, indicating it’s 17:00. I took a breath, relieved. “And right in time. Sadly, I can’t kill you.” She sighed. “Come on.”


“What am I supposed to do with this?” I asked. She stares at me like I just dropped a bom.

“Read, write it down. It’s that simple, Horan.” She said, rolling her eyes, while she’s writing the history of Zeus.

“How did you know all of this things?” I asked again. She ignores me. Great.

Serena’s POV

Man, that kid wouldn’t stop talking! This is killing me. If he’s late or early maybe I would have an excuse to kill him. But no! He’s right in time. Ugh.

“Ser? Why are you so angry?” Why don’t you ask yourself, idiot.

“Uh, dunno.” I said, uncaringly.

“Look, I’m sorry about what happened this morning. I-“

“Shut up and do your work, Horan. Apologize later.” I said, cutting him off. He’s muttering something about yes, weird, and scary. I smile a bit at the thought.

I’m starting to relax a bit. Maybe this Horan isn’t that bad.

“Hey Niall. You hungry?” I ask him. He stares at me like a puppy. Man, those blue eyes can melt even the thickest metal.

“Please?” He said with those large puppy eyes. I have to stifle an ‘aww’.

“Stay here while I order some pizza. Don’t touch anything.” Standing up, I smile, and close the door behind me.

Niall’s POV

Right. Don’t touch anything. Hey, that’s a cute book! No, Nialler, don’t touch anything or she’s going to kill you. Ugh, I want to see that book. She wouldn’t know, I’ll get it back at it’s place before she gets here and she would never know! Brilliant, Nialler. You’re a genius.

I start to walk, no, crawl to her desk, and carefully picking up that blue simple, hard-covered book. It’s simple, what I love.

I turn the pages, reading some of her words. I found something with the date 9-9. I guess she never actually write the year down.


Hello again, book.

Today was a rotten day. I met this cute freshmen and our phones got swapped and I have to swap it back, turns out he’s in my class, and when I get back, I was late, people were staring at me, plus that freshmen, Niall Horan, fell on top of me. Which causes a detention from Mr. Bruner. The history of the 12 Olympians Gods and Goddesses! Piece of cake. But with him? Ugh, not a piece of cake. I’m not even sure if I could call it a cake, it’s just so weird I can’t call it a cake. LOL. Well, Niall’s quite cute, actually. And I love his piercing blue eyes. It’s like, full of excitement! Like it’s about to blast electricity any time when he’s too excited. I’d pay to see that. But right now, I hate him, because he got me into detention. So, I’ll see how he is after doing this stupid assignment. Who knows if he’s not so bad after all?”


I was smiling like crazy and giggling like a little girl. I feel my face getting hotter and hotter by seconds, and my heart was beating like crazy. She says I’m cute! She actually says I’m cute! And she loves my eyes! It was crazy.

“How much did you read?”

I. Am. So. Dead.

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