Is This Even Real? (A Niall Horan fanfiction)

Serena was just an ordinary girl. She likes to talk about boys and gossips. But when she first laid eyes on this freshmen, a clumsy, weird-looking, shy guy named Niall Horan, she felt sparks.


6. Gotta Find You


I am Serena Clarke, 19, Singer, Pop Star, Pianist, actor, Model.

And I just had a flashback about Niall James Horan. The boy from my past who is now in a band with 4 other boys, touring all around the world. And that flashback, it actually happened 4 years ago.

“Serena! You’re out in 3 minutes, honey. Focus, come on.” I heard my mom, speaking in front of me. Right. I must focus.

“Okay, so, um, I need water.” I said, spinning my head around to find maybe a bottle of water. Tim, my kinda-bodyguard hand it to me. I drink it quickly, and then exhaled.

“I’m ready. Now, let’s rock the stage!!” I yelled excitedly, throwing my hands in the air.


“I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! THANKS FOR TONIGHT!!” I yelled as I finish singing my last song, Should I. I shot my fans a happy smile, and then disappear behind the stages.





“Oh, Niall~”


“Hey, lad!”


I heard my name being yelled. I blink a few times, just to find 4 random faces in front of me.

“Finally you woke up. Who hypnotized you? C’mon, you’re on in 5.” Paul said, patting my back. I shook my head and then grab a bottle of water.

“Ey, Liam.” I called him. He turns to me and gave me a confused look. I signaled him to come. “You know that singer, Serena? Serena Clarke? Um-“

“Boys, 1 minute to go! Get ready!” Paul called out. I almost yelled at him to wait, but I know we can’t let directioners down. So I cursed under my breath, and took another sip from my water bottle.

“Talk later. Concert first.” Liam said, smiling. I join him and the lads as we’re getting ready for the concert. Harry starts to run, followed by Lou, Zayn, Liam, and then me.



“Goodnight Directioners!”

“We love you!”


The boys said their goodbye as we run backstage. This night was certainly great, except about that flashback. I called Liam and he plopped down on the sofa next to me.

“Now tell me mate. What’s wrong with Serena Clarke? She’s an amazing singer!” He said, a concerned face staring at me.

“I-“ I paused, making sure no one are hearing us. “I know her. Since I was 15.” I said, sweat starts to form on my palm.

“What? You’re serious? How?”

“I was a freshmen in this school back in Ireland 4 years ago, and at my first day, my phone got swapped with her. So we swapped it back, and turns out we had the same class. So we head back to the history class only to be told that we’re late. So we got an assignment from Mr. Bruner, and it must be done together. And yeah.” I finished, taking another sip.

“And what does that have to do with you getting paralyzed minutes before our show?”

“I got a flashback. From the day I first met her.”


“Mom, I’m going to the mall!” Serena yelled as she grabbed her jacket and her backpack. She heard her mom yelled yes, and then she walked to her car.

The mall is not that far, so in a few minutes she’s already there. She tied up her blonde hair to a messy bun, wearing a white peace cropped-tee with a white tank top under it, and short UK flag patterned jeans with navy blue high-top converse. She felt comfortable yet confident. It’s how she really is, not caring, boyish. She put on her dark Raybans, and then walk in the mall with her backpack slung over her back.

As soon as her feet step into the floor of the mall, all eyes stares at her. She’s used to this, so she kept walking to Polo – Ralph Lauren.

She starts to look for a nice t-shirt, when she got a call from Amy saying that there’s a sale at Topshop. She was about to run, when she remembered her place as a celebrity. She walks fast out of the store, and stare at her phone.

She learns the same lesson she had 4 years ago, that if you’re staring to your phone and not paying attention to where you’re going, you’re going to end up crushing to someone.

“Ouch. I’m sorry, I gotta go.” She said, apologizing, and then picking up her black iPhone while the other person picked up their iPhone too. She run, and finally got to Topshop.

When she checked her phone, the wallpaper was a blonde teenage boy around her age, with piercing blue eyes full of electricity, like it’s about to blow up whenever he got too excited. It was a picture of Niall James Horan, the boy from her past 4 years ago. The boy from One Direction. The boy that made her fell in love for the first time.


3rd person POV (Niall)


Niall was shopping at a mall, in Polo – Ralph Lauren. But he got a text from Louis saying there’s a sale in Topshop, so he’s about to run out when he remembered he’s a famous singer. He walks out when he crash to a blonde girl that is annoyingly familiar. His iPhone and the girl’s fell down and he picked it up.

But when he saw the wallpaper, it was a blonde girl with bright blue eyes that says ‘I’m going to kick your ass’. That wavy blonde hair, that intense look on her eyes, that smile. He knows perfectly who that is. It’s the girl who he met 4 years ago. The girl who made him felt love for the first time. The girl that he had to leave for X-Factor. The girls he never contacted anymore from 4 years ago.

It was a picture of Serena Annabella Clarke.


I have to find him. I have to find him. I don’t care if he is mobbed by some crazy fans. I don’t give a damn. I have to find him.

I have to find her. She got a career now and she’s probably taking pics with some fans but I don’t care. I have to find her. 4 years have been too long.

Where is he? 4 years and I never met him for a second. I HAVE TO FIND HIM.

I’ve never seen her again except from the TV. I have to find her. I have to see her. It’s now or never.

Chances like this don’t come twice. I have to see him. I’m dying to hear his voice. Just to feel his presence near me.

I need to feel her. I need to feel her smooth wavy blonde hair. I need to hear her voice. I need to hold her.

I’m not going to lose him again. It’s been too long. I’m not going to lose him. Not this time.

I’m not going to let her go this time. 4 years. I’m not going to lose her again. No way in a million years.

There was a large crowd in the middle of the mall and Serena was pushing her way through the crowd. People whispers and gasps, but she doesn’t care. She needs to find Niall.

Niall is pushing his way through the crowd. There were a lot of people. He don’t care, he kept pushing and pushing. People stares at him and he knows what they’re thinking. ‘That’s Niall Horan from One Direction!’ but he really don’t care. He needs to find Serena.

Serena starts to sweat. There are a lot of people, and it was getting really hot, but she doesn’t give 2 shits of what is happening around her. She needs to find Niall.

Niall is getting nervous. He doesn’t like crowded people, and he certainly can’t keep pushing through the crowds while he himself is claustrophobic. But he doesn’t care, because he’s sure it’s gonna be worth it.

Where are you, Niall?

Where are you, Serena?

Serena can almost feel it. There’s a feeling that says Niall is close. She can finally see him.

Niall’s sense is tingling like crazy. Serena’s close, he thought to himself. She is so close.

Serena saw a glimpse of messy blonde hair. She run and run. She doesn’t care what people say, she have to see him even just once. She’s sure it’s Niall.

Niall saw a wavy long blonde hair walking in front of him. He’s damn sure it’s Serena.



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