Fight for you

I'm not gonna get into to much detail or It will ruin story.

A girl is abused, and when he step dad attacks her she finally runs away. She meets a boy along the way and together they must get through fights, arguments, pain and blood.

Zayn movella - not famous in this one.


5. why are you following me?

Frankie. He was scum, but he'd buy the car. I got £2000 for the car, even thought it was worth way more, but I didnt care; I just need to get rid of it.

Once the deal was done, I ran for the bus. "Single to trafalgar please", I told the driver. "£5.50 please love", he replied.

I handed him the money, took my ticket and headed for a seat. 10 minutes had passed and I could feel someone watching me.

I glanced a look, it was a boy. He had dark brown, almost black hair. Piercing brown eyes, and tanned skin. He was kinda cute. what? Im a girl, I see a cute boy, I gotta comment.

My stop came up, so i grabbed my bags and hopped off the bus. I needed to find a place to stay, I knew I didnt want to be on the streets at night.

I kept walking and sensed someone following me. every corner I took, every stop I stopped at.

Enough was enough. I turned around and asked: "Why are you following me?"


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