Fight for you

I'm not gonna get into to much detail or It will ruin story.

A girl is abused, and when he step dad attacks her she finally runs away. She meets a boy along the way and together they must get through fights, arguments, pain and blood.

Zayn movella - not famous in this one.


3. RUN!

*beep beep*, another day has begun and I have to face the torment again.

Looking round round my room I see nothing special. The only special thing I have is my moms old necklace and I never take that off.

"Get down here now!" My step father yelled up to me. I squeezed my eyes shut and got up and walked down stairs. He was in the kitchen.

I walked in,"what is it?" I asked. "You know what it is" he replied. "No I don't. That's why I'm asking" I said. "Don't get smart with me, Alicia". He screamed.

"I'm not getting smart, I'm just telling you the truth" I said.

Then he came at me. Just like he always did. First he grabbed my hair and slapped my face. "That's it, no more" I thought to myself. So, just as he was about to hit me again, I moved.

His fist made contact with the wall and I heard a 'crack'. "You little bitch!" He yelled.

When he came at me again, I grabbed the closest thing near me. A pan. What? I wasn't gonna kill him, yet.

I slammed the pan in his face and he tumbled to the ground.

Now was my chance, my chance to run. I grabbed his wallet and emptied all the money out. I then ran to his room where I took his secret money stash and his car keys.

I had £5000 in total, I grabbed some pumps and ran.

He is never getting his hands on me again!
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