Fight for you

I'm not gonna get into to much detail or It will ruin story.

A girl is abused, and when he step dad attacks her she finally runs away. She meets a boy along the way and together they must get through fights, arguments, pain and blood.

Zayn movella - not famous in this one.


4. changed and ready

I got in the car, took one last look at the house, and drove. I didnt know where to, just drove.

It took me a while to realise i was still in my pajamas. I needed some proper clother, and fast.

I pulled into a car park for a small clothing boutique. i got out, getting a few odd looks from some people, and entered the store.

I picked out a few singlets, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of jeans, a check shirt and a purple hoodie.

I took them to the counter and handed the girl £100, then left with out a single word.

I then ran into some nearby toilets and changed into a singlet, some shorts and the check shirt. i fixed my hair into a quick pony tail and got back in the car.

It was only after looking at my reflection, that I saw the damage my step-dads fists had caused my face.

I had an almost purple eye, a cut lip, and im pretty sure I had chipped one of my teeth. I looked away from my self and started the car. I knew my next step, I had to get rid of the car, and I knew the perfect buyer.


sorry for it being a bit boring but i needed this chapter to pull it together.

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