Living in a life with Liam

Ava gets surprised by her boyfriend when he (Liam Payne) takes her to Paris, for their 2 year anniversary. What will happen in paris? Read to find out, this endless love story.


11. Telling everyone

Ava's P.O.V I wake up to the sun shining on my face and Liam's hands still placed on my belly. I kiss him on the cheek in attempt to wake him up. "Morning beautiful." Liam mumbled still half asleep. "The sooner you get up and ready, the sooner we can tell everyone." I replied. Liam instantly jumped out of bed. "I'm gonna go have a shower, wanna come?" Liam asked. I raised my eyebrows questionably because we only ever shower together when we're feeling cheeky. "I don't want you to slip over and hurt yourself...or the baby." Liam smiled. "Are you going into protective mode Mr. Payne." I giggled. "Yes, now come on." He laughed. I moaned and sat up. "Can you carry me." I asked sweetly, fluttering my eyelashes at him. Liam instantly walked over and scooped me up into is arms carrying me to the bathroom. We stripped down and out of the corner of my eye I saw Liam staring at me. I giggled to myself and turned on the shower. We both walked in and Liam placed his hands on my waist, nibbling at my neck. I turned and kissed his passionately. "Was the protective thing just an excuse?" I asked smiling like an idiot. "Maybe." Liam replied cheekily. We're already teaching our child bad lessons.

~ After everyone arrived I shushed them while Liam sat them all on the couch. "What's going on?" Harry asked impatiently. "Maybe if you close your trap you will find out." I sassed. "Ooh sassy! I like that." Louis commented. "Louis what did Ava just say to Harry?" Liam said flatly. Louis looked like her was about to make a smart ass comment but he shut his mouth quickly. "Anyway, we called you all over to tell you some very special news." Liam started. "I'm pregnant!" I grinned. Everyone smiled and cheered. "They're going to have sassy babies!" Louis screamed over the top of everyone. Bella came up to me embracing me me in a hug. "You'll be a great mother." She whispered in my ear. "So will you." I replied. There was a round of 'awww's' and Bella released me from her grip. Liam pulled me in by the waist and kissed my temple. Everyone gathered around and we were all in a massive group hug.   

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