Living in a life with Liam

Ava gets surprised by her boyfriend when he (Liam Payne) takes her to Paris, for their 2 year anniversary. What will happen in paris? Read to find out, this endless love story.


5. Lazy Day in Paris

Liam's P.O.V Ava and I were absolutely exhausted so we decided to have a lazy day today. After having a sleep in we got up and ordered breakfast from room service.We both weren't that hungry so we shared some pancakes. Ava being the trouble-maker she is, 'went to feed me some pancake' and put it all over the side of my face. "Ava thats very immature." I said with a mischievous look on my face. "Oh, i'm sorry. Am I in trouble?" She said innocently. "Very big trouble." I said before taking her up to the bedroom. I'm not going to tell all of the details but you can probable guess what happened in there. Ha, our lazy day wasn't that lazy. We came out of the bedroom and decided to put on a movie. "Lets watch Finding Nemo." I suggested and she looked at me questionably. "That is the first time that you haven't said Toy Story."She stated. "Well Nemo is your favorite so we will watch that."I said pocking her nose. We have been dating for two years, I pock her on the nose all of the time and she still isn't used to it. Ava got up to get a glass of water while I put on the movie. I laid down across the couch and waited for the movie to load. Ava came back from the kitchen and flopped directly on-top of me. Halfway through the movie Ava's phone rang. Ava jumped up, to quickly and put her elbow in the wrong place. I sunk off of the couch in agony and screamed. Ava still hadn't realized what she had done and was having a lovely conversation with her best friend, Bella. When she heard me scream, she quickly told Bella that I was positioned on the floor, holding my package and according to her crying and ended the call. How embarrassing. Because Bella is married to Louis and she is a trouble maker, (exactly like Ava) she would have told him. Even more embarrassing. Ava came running over to me and frantically asked what happened. "When you jumped off of the couch you elbowed me in the goods." I squeaked. "Flack i'm soooooooo sooooo sooo sorry!!!" She Said before running off to get an ice pack. "Don't worry it's not your fault we can't have any kids....Oh..Wait, yes it is." Oh shit I said we. I hope she didn't pick up on that. "You said 'we'." She said looking down at me handing the ice pack to me and kneeling down by my side. I didn't dare look at her. Ava never wanted kids because she didn't think that she would be able to ever help mold someone's life. She thought that she would let that child down. "I'm really happy you said 'we'." She said nervously. "I thought you didn't want kids." I asked. "Well if i'm going to have children with anyone it's you." She said blushing a deep shade of red. "I'm really glad to hear that." She gave me a big, stupid toothy grin (that completely ruined the moment) and gave me a kiss. "By the way we're going to the Eiffel Tower tonight." "OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!" She squealed, bouncing up and down. "You better get dressed, we're leaving in an hour." I said tilting my head towards our matching Toy Story PJ's that the boys got us. (That was originally a joke. Ava and I fell in love with them anyway) "SHOOT!!! I BETTER GET A MOVE ON!!" God she's loud. Hahaha I love it though. "Wait, how am-" "Babe, go get ready." "Yep." And with that she fled to the bedroom.

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