Living in a life with Liam

Ava gets surprised by her boyfriend when he (Liam Payne) takes her to Paris, for their 2 year anniversary. What will happen in paris? Read to find out, this endless love story.


16. It feels like a dream

Ava's P.O.V.    Well I was right, our baby is gone. I want Liam here now more than ever! I miss him so much, even after what he did. Even though it's reality everything feels like a dream. Liam and I are no longer together and our baby is gone! They are the two things i don't want to admit as reality. I desperately want Liam here to hold me but I don't want to be crawling back to him looking like some sad, pathetic girl. I am still having pains but the doctors gave me some pills for that. I wonder if they can give me some pills to help the pain I feel in my heart. I am leaving the hospital now. I was there for two nights. Bella was with me the whole time, never leaving my side for too long. I honestly don't know what I would do without her. Bella and I walked out of the hospital, her helping me of corse. I decided to go to my old apartment that I kept even when I moved in with Liam. I would have gone there when I left instead of going to the motel but I thought he would find me there. "Are you sure you don't want me to stay with you?" Bella asked for the millionth time. "No! Seriously I'll be fine. Louis said the beds cold without you. " I giggled. "Ugh ok. Be good and take your meds." Bella said giving me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Yes, yes, I will!" I insisted. "Ok bye!" Bella laughed walking out the door. "Wait! Bella!" "Yeah?" "Thanks for everything." "Anytime." She smiled, then she was gone, leaving me alone to cry. 
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