Living in a life with Liam

Ava gets surprised by her boyfriend when he (Liam Payne) takes her to Paris, for their 2 year anniversary. What will happen in paris? Read to find out, this endless love story.


17. I promise

Bella's P.O.V.     I can't keep this from Liam anymore! He has to know. Ava's my best friend and I promised her but I feel really bad. Ok, I'm gonna tell him. 
Liam's P.O.V.     I was sitting on the couch in the living room I used to share with Ava. Tears were slowly streaming down my face, stinging the black eye Louis gave me. I heard a knock on the door. A small part of me was hoping it was Ava. I needed her. I made the stupidest mistake and now I have to pay the price that mistake costs. I pulled myself off the couch and shuffled to the front door. When I pulled it open there was a nervous Bella standing there. "Um..hi L-Liam." She stuttered. Why was she here? Was it about Ava? "What's going on?" I asked her, worry in my shaky voice. "What happened to your eye?" Bella asked. "Um..Louis hit me..when he found out" I took a deep breath. It hurts to say her name. "Ava." I croaked out. "Oh.. Well there is something I have to tell you." She said. I looked at her confused. "What is it?" "Um..two nights ago I had to take Ava to the hospital." She started. Oh god. "Is she ok?" I asked with tears streaming down my face. "Yes..but..the..the baby isn't." My heart sank in my chest and I started sobbing uncontrollably. Bella rubbed my back. "I have to go see her." I stated. "Where is she?" I asked though tears. "At her old apartment." Bella replied. I looked down thinking if I should go or not. She probably doesn't want to see my face again. "She needs you Liam." Bella said softly. I grabbed my car keys off the table, gave Bella a hug and sprinted down towards my car. 

***Ten minutes later***

Ava's P.O.V.     I sat on the couch sobbing. I couldn't take it anymore, I need him. We could already be back together but my selfishness got in the way. I was only thinking about me. I didn't want to appear as the weakest link in this relationship. I know I am deep down. I love him and I think I would do anything for him, except ask him to try again. I want him to do that. I know that I am being awful but I have been through this before when my dad had an affair. I saw the pain in my mum's eyes every time she saw him with her. I saw and felt the pain and hurt he put out family through. I made an oath to myself to never go back to someone if they cheated on me, but now I understand what mum meant when she said that there are ties that bring you back to him. I heard a knock on the door and I pulled myself off the couch to answer it. A small part of me was hoping it was Liam but I highly doubted it. I pulled open the door to see a red eyed, puffy faced Liam. Has he been crying? "Liam." I choked out. "Our baby." He stated and that was enough to send my into a fit of sobs. I couldn't breath as I made my way back to the couch on shaky legs. I didn't even make it before I collapsed onto the floor. I wrapped my arms around my knees and snuggled into the side of the couch. What a sight I must have been. Liam came over to me and placed his hand on my shoulder but I pulled away from his touch. My stomach flipped and I felt something coming up the back of my throat. I got up and ran for the bathroom, emptying out the contents of my stomach into the toilet. Emotional sickness. Liam walked in and held my hair out of the way. "Go away." I said. "No." He stated firmly and I knew I wasn't getting anywhere. I threw up some more and Liam sat there with me, holding my hair out of the way and rubbing my back. I got up slowly and started brushing my teeth letting the minty toothpaste freshen my mouth. I was still wobbling so Liam pulled me into his side helping me to the couch. I couldn't contain myself anymore. I fell into his chest and cried while he whispered sweet nothings in my ear. He stoked my hair then brought something I hoped he wouldn't bring up. "This is all my fault!" Liam said angrily. "If I hadn't have let you fall our baby still might be here! I let you down! I let our child down." Liam mumbled the last part with tears welling up in his big, brown eyes. "We'll get through this right? ...Together?" I sat there for a minute. Was he asking for another chance? I'm not sure. "What are you asking?" Liam looked down at his hands. "I'm asking for another chance." I just stated at him. "I understand if you don't want to. I wr---" I cut him off pressing my lips to his in an urgent kiss. "Yes." I said said against his lips and kissed him again. Liam smiled into the kiss. "I've missed this. I'm so sorry." He pulled away and took my face in his hands looking me in the eyes. "It will never EVER happen again!" He said firmly. "I hope so. This is your last chance. Don't blow it." I breathed. "I won't blow it. I promise." He hugged me close for what seemed like hours before he spoke again. "Do you want your ring back or do you want to wait?" He asked nervously. I didn't know what to say so I just picked the ring off the table where I had left it and placed it back on my finger. Liam smiled a large smile and kissed me. "I love you Ava, never forget that." "I love you too." I said and kissed the corner of his swollen eye. Everything is back the way they were..well almost...our baby is still gone but we will get through this, like we do with everything. 
Liam's P.O.V.     I finally have the love of my life back and I am never letting her go.
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