Living in a life with Liam

Ava gets surprised by her boyfriend when he (Liam Payne) takes her to Paris, for their 2 year anniversary. What will happen in paris? Read to find out, this endless love story.


7. Calling Bella

Ava's P.O.V Instead of going out to dinner, Liam and I decided to go back to the As soon as the door to our motel room, Liam's lips were attached to mine. Suddenly, I realized my deal with Bella; As soon as Liam proposed, I would call her. I stoped Liam, mid-kiss and ran to get my phone that I through on the couch. Liam stood there, utterly confused, starring at me. "I have to call Bella!" I said, super excited. "I should have known this would happen." Liam said under his breath. "Thanks for being so understanding, babe."I said while waiting for her to answer, at the time not even realizing the sarcasm in his voice. "Helllooooo." I heared Bella say on the other end of the line. "LIAM PROPOSED!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed into the phone "OMG REALLY!!!!!!!!!!" "I'M ENGAGED!!" "OMG CAN I BE YOU MAID OF HONOUR!!!??You know..only if you wanted me to be." "Of corse I want you to be my maid of honour." "Eeeee!!!" Bella and I are quite you can probably tell. I could hear Liam chuckling in the background. He walked over and started kissing my neck. I moaned slightly giggling. Bella could obviously hear and so could the other boys because I heared them whistling. I didn't even know I was on speaker phone, or that she was with them. I tured my phone on speaker, even though Liam could hear already because his head was right near my ear where the phone was. "GO GET SOME LIAM!!!!" We heared Harry yell. Liam chckled. "I might just do that!" Liam yelled back but not loud, just enthusiasticlly. There were another round of whistles and Bella trying to calm them down. "Hey what were you guys doing before I called?" I questioned, not knowing why they were all in the same place. "Well, Louis and I called them all over to tell them some special news. I was going to call you and Liam and put you on speaker phone so you could hear too. " Bella repyed "Well, what is it?" I asked. "I'M PREGNATE!!!!!!!" She yelled. Everyone started cheering and I was just blank. "You ok babe?" Liam wispered in my ear. I just nodded. "Ava?" Bella questioned "Are you ok?" "I'm fine. I just can't believe that we won't be pregnancy buddies." I pouted. "Well babe..If you want we can start now?" Liam asked raising his eyebrows at me. "YES!!" Everyone on the other line went sighlent, except for Bella who was going crazy with excitment. "Shouldn't you get married first?" Zayn asked. "But I don't wanna wait!!." I said stubbonly. "Yeah! And I need my pregnancy buddy! Ava and I have been talking about it for aaaagggggeeeessss!!!!!!" Bella agreed. "Oh....Ok." Zayn said. "Wait, you guys don't seem to happy." I commented. "We just don't want you to get all excited about being...ummm..pregnancy buddies and get let down." Niall said. "Don't worry guys, seriously." "Well in that case...GO GET SOME!!!" Louis yelled at the top of his lungs "Already on it." Liam said grinning taking the phone and haning up." Liam took me up to the bedroom, where we didn't get much sleep;)

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