Living in a life with Liam

Ava gets surprised by her boyfriend when he (Liam Payne) takes her to Paris, for their 2 year anniversary. What will happen in paris? Read to find out, this endless love story.


13. awkward visit

Liam's P.O.V. I woke up to the smell of pancakes and fresh coffee coming from the kitchen. I figured that Ava was making breakfast because she wasn't cuddled beside me like she usually is when I wake up. I pulled the duvet off my body effortlessly, revealing my half naked figure. I tiptoed into the kitchen to see the love of my life leaning over the stove in panties and one of my T-shirts, and I must say she looked sexy! I walked over to her and looped my arms around her waist, being carful of her stomach and started kissing her neck, nibbling on it a bit. She quickly finished cooking the last bit of the pancake patter and turned off the stove. I kissed her neck once more and mumbled "do you have any idea how sexy you look right now?" In her ear. "No, why don't you tell me." Ava said back looking at me with innocent eyes. "This is what your making me do because of how sexy you look. Does that count?" "Maybe" she answered back. I lifted her onto the bench an started kissing her lips roughly licking her bottom lip as my hands started to go up her shirt. Suddenly we heard someone clear their throat behind us. Ava and I pulled apart, only to be face to face with Ava's older brother Sam. "Sam! What are you doing here and how did you get in?" Ava asked in pure shock and embarrassment. "I came through the front door and I came because we heard you were having a baby so mum sent me down." "Um..Hi Sam. How are you?" I asked trying to pretend like nothing happened. "I was great until I saw you practically eating my little sister's face off. This might be a kitchen but she is not food." Sam said sternly, staring me down. "I am soo sorry!!" I said, getting away from her in a rush, scared that he was going to beat the living cr*p out of me. "Ha! I'm only kidding! You kids have fun and stay safe..oh..wait, it's too late for that!!" Sam laughed loudly. "Oh shut up." Ava said punching him in the arm. "Ahhhhh!!!! Assault, assault!!!" Sam yelled running out of the house. Sam the walked back and peeped his head through the front door.
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