a chance to live forever


2. chapter two

Its was only a few days later when he went to make a fateful choice that would end his life. He was standing on the edge whispering softly
“ flashing lights in my mind
Going back to the time
Playing games in the street
Kicking balls at my feet
There’s a numb in me toes
Standing close to the edge
There’s a pile of clothes at the end of your bed
As I feel myself fall
Make a joke of it all”

Somehow I manage to scream out his name. it barely crossed my mind at all that I was now back on earth and running towards him with my hand out and a pleading look on my face. Some recognition crossed his face and he stepped back from the edge. Tears streaming down his face he fell to his knees at my feet. Sinking down beside him I heard him whisper, “I miss her so much I thought maybe that was the only thing I could do to be with her.” some where deep inside me I wanted to scream and tell him who I am but something got the better of me and I stopped myself, instead I said quietly, “I know that she is watching over you and would never want you to leave your life. I’m sure she would want you to go on knowing that she will always love you.” he looked up at me with his deep brown eyes that I used to get lost in, and I still do. “thank you” he whispered. They were the words that hit me and made me want to break down more.

I knew I had a choice to make. I tell him who I am and destroy him so much he will kill himself or help him only to leave him again.

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