a chance to live forever


6. chapter six

Back at Zayn's I danced and Laughed with him. Collasping on the couch next to him I kissed him on the lips and cheered. laughing along with me he asked " whats made you in such a good mood? Not that i'm complaining!" thinking carefully about my answer I replied "everything! life has just been so good to me that I decided I'll live it the way it was ment to be lived!" Just as he went to say something the door bell rang and I ran to get it. Standing in the doorway was a police man and women."Is there a problem?" I asked looking confused at their grave faces. " Is Zayn Malik home?" the man asked. "yea sure, come in. I'll just get him." Opening the door wider I let them in and walk to the lounge to get Zayn. The look on my face must've said something because when he saw my face he lost his smile. Leading him to the kitchen we sat in silence. Zayn gripped my hand tightly as they explained that his sister had died on her way here as a surprise vist. Thanking the police as they left I then walked back to where Zayn was sitting and staring at his hands. My heart broke in two and it was as if it was the night I had died.

Was I to help him again? Was i to stay or go this

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