a chance to live forever


1. chapter one

“lets dance in style

Lets dance for awhile

Heaven con wait we’re only watching the stars

Hoping for the best but expecting the worst

Are you going to drop the bomb or not?”

What would you do if you were given the chance to back down to earth and save someone you loved knowing you had to come back once you were done?

I’m rose and I’m 17. Forever now. When I died I was living a great life and was going to meet my to meet my fate. I wonder if things would’ve been different if I had never gone outside. I guess I better start my story form the night I died.

1 hour before I died

Me and my friends were dancing around in my room to One Direction while getting ready for our night with the hottest boy band in the UK. I chose my outfit carefully knowing that Zayns eyes will be on me the whole night. I was wearing a simple strapless baby blue dress and black kitten heels. Finally we settle our shaking hands enough to do each others makeup. Once we were ready and looking hot we decided to stop in at nandos and get Niall some food as a good luck gift.

30 minutes before.

We were on our way to the venue to where the concert was being held. We were in the car singing very loudly to up all night and having the time of our lives

10 minutes before

We were watching the boys do one more quick run through. The whole time me and Zayn held each other’s eyes. When they were done my and Zayn went outside for air.

3 minutes before

Just as we were making out my hat blew off my head and on to the road. Doing a quick check I run across the road to get it. Just as I was bending to pick it up I was the bright lights of the car speeding towards me. As I heard Zayn scream my name I felt a burst of pain then… nothing. While I drifted away I heard Zayn sobbing my name. I whisper the last words that I was always meaning to say. “I love you Zayn, always”. as I took my last breath I him say ‘ I love you too, forever and always.’ as I left my body my heart broke as I saw him screaming my name over and over again.



I sat here, there or where ever I am, night and day watching him. Days went by even weeks, everything he did made him seem like he was just another robot. Oh my poor Zayn, oh how I wished to tell him all will be ok but I couldn’t. just when I thought my heart couldn’t break anymore he would go and just give up on something else. This was not the Zayn I knew and fell in love with.


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