a chance to live forever


9. chapter nine

“Rose?? I thought you were dead!!” Aunt Lott exclaimed when she saw me. “long story. May I come in Aunt Lott? I have a problem relating to my story.” I said smiling at her shock. Sure hun. I’ll make coffee, De-caf for you right?” she said pulling me into a hug. ”you know me too well” I replied as she led me inside. She listened patiantly as I explained from start to finish. nodding her head once I had finished she thought for some moment then spoke. “Rose. I think your going. If your saying your completely dissaparing then I think your gone. But I also think its time you come clean to Zayn as he has the right to know, even if it breaks him. hun its going to be hard and your going to have to word it right or you really could destroy him mentally. its all up to you but thats what I think and you will know whats the right choice.” pulling me into a hug, I sobbed into her chest. “But I dont want to leave. I only just got my life back, my soul mate back!! why has this happend to me?! I want to stay with him.” I said between sobs. “I know hun, I know” she muttered as she stroked my hair and rocked me, like she did when I was little and had been hurt.

Falling asleep curled up againts Aunt Lott, I dreamed shattered pictures. some were the memories I wished to forget or live in forever. and the others were things I’ve never seen or expirianced before. But they all had one thing in common. Zayn.

Gasping awake I sit up and look around. I was back in my old room. the room I had when I was little. my doll house was still in the corner collecting dust. the rocking chiar with the thick blanket drapped over the back in another corner. slidding off my bed I wander around they room letting the memories flood back. one of them reminded me I have to get back to Zayn. looking at the clock I saw it was 2pm. I had been gone for over six hours. dashing into the lounge I hug Aunt Lott and say goodbye, hoping it wouldnt be the last I saw of her, I drive back to Zayn’s. ‘I will tell him. I have to’ I repeated this thought over and over in my mind. sitting in the car I looked at the white door that would lead to Zayn. My soul mate. The one. And I was going to lose him again, Either way. Taking a deep breath I step out of my car into the path of a…..

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