a chance to live forever


4. chapter four

Waking up the next morning I felt the warmth of Zayn’s body next to mine. I had to resist the urge to snuggle into him. The memories of last night came flashing back into my mind. We had stayed up for hours talking. He told me his dreams and wishes, stuff about the old me and him that he had wish he had done and said. Things he regretted and things I never knew.

Getting up and walking to the kitchen I looked at the calendar and realized that today was the big interview One Direction had with Alan Carr. Knowing that Zayn wouldn’t be mentally prepared for it I ran up to wake him. And while he had a shower I thought through how I was going to help him through the interview. Glancing at the clock I saw I had only two hours. I also in that time had to shop for food, clothing for me and a cell phone.

In the end I got him there. When I met the other boys (again)

I was shocked to get a wave of emotions that weren’t me own wash over me when each of the guys hugged me and said thanks for saving Zayn.

Sitting in the audience I was feeling proud to watch Zayn work through each of the questions. It was all fine up in till Alan bought up the topic of Rose. Zayn just froze, blinked one, two, three times. Took a deep breath and said in shaky voice that the topic was off limits. I all most jumped up and clapped my hands in proudness. Instead I smiled and looked down at my hands only to gasp. Quickly looking around I was only given a few annoyed glances. Looking back at my hands saw that the tips of my fingers were going see-though slowly. I couldn’t concentrate through the rest of the show. Once I had dropped Zayn back it his house with the strict command from me telling him to get some sleep. As I left I promised him I would be back. Once I had gotten to the cliffs I sat down. With tears streaming down my face I look at my hands.

Was this the price I was to pay? Slowly disappearing while Zayn got better?

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