a chance to live forever


5. chapter five

Waking up to the smell of bacon and waffles was one of the great things I missed. That’s what made my morning but looking down at my hands only to be disappointed to see that now my whole hand was almost gone. Dragging myself out of bed I walked down to where Zayn was serving the food. “ thank god I took those acting lessons” I thought while putting on my best happy face. “I hope you like it” Zayn said. “it was the lest I could do to say thank you for showing me there is a way though even the toughest of times.” I study his beaming face and I feel a pang of sadness knowing I was going to be leaving him again.

That day the Boys and me spent the day going around London and being idiots, not caring who saw I kissed Zayn on the cheek and said that today was the best day ever. Getting back to his, we fought over which movie to watch. Deciding we would go with Bambi just because we both always enjoyed watching it even though it made us cry. Throughout the whole movie I felt his eyes on me. Silent tears ran down my face, not because of the movie but because at the rate Zayn’s heart was healing I don’t have long with him. Closing my eyes at the end of the movie I feel him pull me into his chest and kiss the top of my head. Lifting my head I met his eyes and before I knew it his lips were on mine and I was on top of him. The rest of the night was one that I knew I would never forget.

Rolling over I felt warm sunlight on my face. Smiling I knew Zayn was already awake and completely focused on me. “morning my lightly ray of sunlight” he said and kissed my eyelids. Breathing deeply in the smell of him, my eyes fluttered open and I whispered morning as I kissed him gently on the lips. I wished then with all my heart that this never had to end.

When I checked that morning my arms were completely gone. I calculated in my mind that I had about 3 maybe 4 days left before I would be gone again.

The next two days went by in a blur. Every moment I spent with Zayn was treasured. By the end of the day I was almost gone. Driving back out to the cliffs I screamed and screamed in till I was engulfed by tears. I yelled at the sky with so much love and pain I was surprised know one had come to see what was going on.

Collapsing on the ground I look down to see my tears had become real again and I could see my hands. I then started crying tears of happiness. Was I going to stay for real? Was this a second chance?

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