a chance to live forever


11. chapter eleven

'Beep,Beep,Beep,Beep...' the steady rythem of Beeps continued as I tired to open my eyes. When I couldn't I panicked. 'Beepbeepbeep...' the beeping got faster the more i struggled. "Cece?! Hunny, Clam down! It's alright! I'm here!" A voice said while trying to calm me as people rushed into the room. The voice was soothing and oh so familiar. slowly relaxing I found I now could open my eyes. I was in a sickly cream coloured room which could only mean i was in hospital. Feeling someone squeeze my hand I look over to see soulful brown eyes look down at me. Zayn, My soulmate. Trying to speak I soon realised the discomfort in my throat was caused by a tube. Looking wide eyed with fright and panic at zayn I grab at the tube to pull it out. "Hun, the docter will remove it soon. I'm so happy your alive. I didn't want to lose another that I truely love to a car..." Zayn blabbered on as he let the tears and feelings flow. I tried to remember that moment the car hit me but the last thing I can picture is leaving aunt lott's house to talk to Zayn. Maybe this was a warning that I wasn't ment to tell him the Truth. Bringing my attention back to Zayn I see he has fallen asleep. Looking around  I see a button labled press for nurse. reaching over for it I avoid waking Zayn, He's probably been through a lot. Waiting for the nurse I studie my surroundings and see that I have plenty of flowers and cards. Finally I spy a calander on the wall. 15th October 2013 I had been out for almost a year. Hearing a person approch the bed, I look at a Friendly lady with greying hair. "My name is Betty and I'm your nurse." Smiling warmly at me she continued. "You must be sick of this tube, ae? I'll just remove it. there might be hurt to talk but otherwise you should be all right." She explain. Once the tube had been removed and Betty had left the room I said my first words for almost year. "I love you zayn. More than life it's self." hearing his name zayn woke up and I pulled him into me and kissed him like it was our last kiss.

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