a chance to live forever


8. chapter eight

waiting to hear the deep breathing of Zayn as he slept I lay in his arm waiting so i could then cry in peace. It was the same thing every night. I couldnt bare any of this but I knew I had to stay for his sake.struggling to contain myself any longer i got up quietly and slipped into the bathroom. sinking down to the ground in the bath i decided to try something that I would never have thought to do in the past. Looking at the blade I closed my eyes and sliced. Letting the tears roll down my cheek I was surprised to see a stream of blood roll down my arm. I knew it was wrong but i felt good to let the pain go in away i didn't think was possible. Grabing a towel i held it losely against the cut and drifted of to sleep.

bright colours were all around me and I instantly knew this was not my dream as i hadn't dreamt in colour let on alone dreamt at all since my death. hearing laughter from behind me. I spun around and saw that Zayn was dancing with me. Not rose But with the new me. I remember this. It was the day When Zayn had taken me to one of the prettiest fields I had ever seen for a picnic. He had sung to me and we had danced. running into the long grass I heard him laugh behind me as he chased me. Feeling his strong hands around my waist I let out a little scream as we feel to the ground in a fit of giggles. looking deep into his eyes I saw nothing but undieing love and passion. pulling him close I knotted my fingers in his hair and kissed him.

waking with i start my lips tingeled as if the dream really had happend. looking at my arm I saw the blood had dried and the memory of what i did last night came to me. What was i thinking? feeling sick I quickly got up, washed the blood and dressed the cut. Opening the door I heard a Little sigh escape Zayn mouth indercating he was still asleep. slipping on an old hoodie I slipped down stairs. Leaving a note on the table i went outside not knowing how long i was to be.

I needeed to see an old friend of mine.

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