a chance to live forever


7. chapter 7

The next few days Zayn started shutting off to the world. At first it was just little things like not going on twitter or going outside to talk to the fans. then it became worse as he then stopped talking to the boys. the only people he would talk to was me or close family like his mum or other sister. our lives then continued in the same small circle. Ever morning i would start by begging him to get up and eat some food. then would come to talking him into having a shower. finally i would try to plan a fun day with him which only resulted with him saying yea, whatever to the things i suggested. having enough of this i sat him down. " hunny I know that things are hard for you right now with everything. you've just lost Rose and now your sister but why lose the others you love by pushing them away when life throws you into tough situations like this? you only make life harder by not letting us in and help with you pain. you don't think that this isn't hard for your mum? what about the boys? they basicly lost a sister too. your mother is dying on the inside because with the way your acting she feels like she has lost her son too. she felt the same when you shut out the world after Rose died. you must remember That their are others hurting as much as you." atking a deep breath i controlled my voice and tears. " Zayn you ahve to lets us in so we can help. just think they are in a good place where nothing can hurt. the only thing that will make it hard for them to rest is the fact that you are shutting out everything including your loved ones. I love you. We all do. we just need you to lets us do that." kissing him I sit back and let the tears roll down my cheeks and pain out. patting his knee i went and sat on it and rapped my hands around his neck. kissing me on the forhead he sighed. "I'm sorry for the pain I ahve ever caused you. your right it is hard and Ive never ment to push anyone away. thank you for sticking by me even when I know i have treated you like crap. I love you. don't you forget that ever." kissing me i knew all he needed was love and support to make him better. looking at my hands i see that they aren't like last time when there were shimmering remainds. it was now completely gone.

this must mean im going for good right?

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