Behind The Truth

Alice who was just 13 years old accidentally discovered a tunnel to a strange world. People are looking really innocent and kind until she open the gate of the truth which the real truth is hidden.


2. Voice Of Fate

I gasped. I was about to run when I bumped into a kid. He was small and have a cute face -- yeah, he's Daniel, Emily's crush. He stared at me with his big round eyes and clucked at me with his little mouth. His hair look trendy as the usual but this time look a little messy. It must be because he bumped me, that's why his hair look a little messy. I took a few steps backward and apologize. I saw that glare he gave me when he realise his hair looked a little messy. I decide to leave him before he starts to shout and angry at me -- which I think would be scary. I ran to Emily and Jessica who looked at me running in embarrassment after bumping Daniel, the cutie. Emily who look a little jealous directly grabbed my arm tightly.

"Hey, what did he say to you?" She asked while trying to fake a smile. I give her a smile when she asked me that question.

"Ha... Are you jealous?" I asked her. Slowly my smile turn into a smirk as Emily's cheek turn red as tomato. I pat her shoulder slowly as I start to enjoy teasing Emily. "That's a little secret of ours, Em," I giggled.


As we expected, the teacher did punished us. We were asked to clean up the whole garden from garbage and the falling leaf. Emily kept on complaining along the punishment and Jessica kept on giggling, seeing Emily kept on complaining. I was the only one that kept on silence as I do the punishment. My head is full by the strange voice that yelled my name. It was heavy and fast. I was sure it was not Emily's nor Jessica's voice. Their voice are quite similar and both have a really soft and small voice. It's kind of impossible for them to yell my name that way. And above all, I was so curious with that odd door with the rotten knob. I often play near the the garden and that huge tree, but it's the first time I saw that door. What's inside there?

"Alice, stop day dreaming and continue swiping!" Yelled Jessica from the distance. Her voice was too small that I barely hear it.

"We're almost done here!! Have you done there?" Asked Emily, trying to say it clearly. Her voice is worst. I can't hear it until Jessica shouted to me. Yes, I said to myself, it's definitely NOT Emily's voice nor Jessica. But then... Who's the one yelling my name?

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