Behind The Truth

Alice who was just 13 years old accidentally discovered a tunnel to a strange world. People are looking really innocent and kind until she open the gate of the truth which the real truth is hidden.


1. The Strange Door Behind The Tree

It was not suppose to be like this. Why am I here when I'm suppose to be at school, doing my worksheet or even having a sweet cup of tea with my friends? I'm just an ordinary girl who suppose to be having a crush right now, but why am here, inside a wet yet smelly tunnel and facing a... Big unidentified creature? Oh, yes. It's all started from me, being too much curious about a tunnel... What a fool.



It was a bright morning which I always hate. Yes, I hate morning. Emily and Jessica have been waiting since 15 minutes ago. They're my friends that have a totally different character. Emily is type of girl who is fashionable and attractive. Her clothes are always bright, colorful and glamorous. I often ask her for an advice whenever I want to act a little pretty than usual. At the other side, Jessica is the one who loves dark color. Her clothes are always dark and simple. She may look like a freak but she does have a really interesting topic to discuss about together. They looked at me with a smile and point at the clock. I was late for school and so are they. I give a small sigh and smiled at them.

"Sorry to make you wait, guys. I was such a slowpoke aren't I?" I said. It more likely I murmured it. I always been a slowpoke whenever it comes to this kind of stuff. Jessica smiled as she touched my shoulder gently.

"It's okay, Alice. Relax. We're late together aren't we?" She said, trying to cheer me up.

"That's right, Jessica! It would be better if we all late together! Having a punishment together would be great," Emily shouted happily. "Won't you think the same, Alice?"

I nod my head slowly and try to fake a smile. I was still disappointed at myself for being such a slowpoke. "Yes, Emily. I think it would be great." We walk together to the school while talking about the homework -- which I don't understand -- and about their crush. I was totally enjoying the conversation since I am the only one that's not having a crush. Jessica was interested to a boy named Anton. He is the leader of the soccer team and quite popular among girls and boys. Emily, which had the most experience with boys claimed that she's having a crush with Daniel, the small boy who have a really adorable face. Daniel is too small for his age -- which is 13 -- and his face is just too young. Once I mistook him as the elementary students and that's quite hurting his feeling.

We kept on talking until we reach our school. We secretly trespassing the school garden and went to our class. In the middle of our action. I saw a really odd looking door behind a big tree. I never knew there was a door behind that tree before, especially such an odd door. I stop tip toeing to my class and let Jessica and Emily leave me there. I walked slowly to the door as my curiosity starts to grow bigger and bigger. I tried to reach the door knob that's already rotten up slowly and just a few second later I heard someone's is yelling my name...

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