Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.




"Thanks for today I had so much fun hopefully I'll see you later." I said to Reece after he gave me a ride home after we went swimming with the sharks. "Its ok just please PLEASE don't make me do that again." He pleaded before giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I opened my mouth about to tell Reece I had a boyfriend but soon closing it as I realized that Liam wasn't mine anymore. "Bye" i said before walking in the front door of Hannah's house and running up to the guest bedroom. As soon as I got into the room and closed the door I broke down into tears. I don't know how much longer I can do this I miss them so much. I decided to call Niall i figured he was the one who wouldn't tell anyone I spoke him. Ring....ring....ring no answer. God Niall pick up the damn phone. I thought throwing it at the wall and continued to cry/scream curled up in a ball in the corner. After 20 minuets of crying I could cry any more I tried but the tears would come out. I stood up and walked into the bathroom, opened the cabinet and pulled out the bottle of hair dye. I opened it and put it through my hair, I needed to change even if was just my hair color.


After i ran out Harry informed me we were leaving for Florida tomorrow. I was all packed and now laying in my bed. I turned over to look at the clock, we leave here at 4:00 am, i thought to myself and its 3:20 now. "TIME TO GET UP" i screamed into all the room. By the time everyone was ready it was 3:50. I was wearing a black and white checkered shirt, black jeans and white high tops. Harry was in sweat pants and a Jack Wills jumper. Zayn with a white shirt, black high tops, grey jeans and a leather jacket. Niall, olive green jumper with black jeans and last but not least louis, with the classic blue and white striped shirt, red jeans and white toms. Harry drove with Niall and Zayn while l drove myself and Louis. We pulled up at the air port and boarded our flight. As we slowly started moving I thought about Bliss and how if I wont get to her soon i could lose her forever to that guy.


Crap. I thought I had forgotten mum was in Florida right now and i forgot to call her. Oh well I will get her flowers and surprise her I thought as the plane landed.


"Sorry I'm late I was dealing with family stuff." I apologised to my boss. The day went pretty slow just a couple of costumers and the rest of the day was restocking and cleaning. Finally it was 5:00pm so I could close up and go home. I grabbed my bag off the table and walked out. I was just about to turn the key to look the door when I boy run up to me. "No don't tell me your closing" he whined and turned to face me, he was gorgeous, perfect messy curls, perfect green "I was but..." "Please I need them for my mum."he pleaded "Ok but be fast." I said opening the door. He shot me a smile then walked in. Oh my god and his smile, perfect. I followed him in and he walked around a but then finally got the flowers he wanted. He walked over to me "How much do I owe you love?" He asked pulling out his wallet. "Ohh no its good there on the house." I said trying to act cool. "No how much are they " he said trying to ague with me. "No they're free now please leave I want to go home." I said wanting to see if Bliss is ok. "Ok I make you a deal, I will take the flowers for free if you give me your phone number." He said with a grin. "Ok if i give you my number will you leave?" I asked him getting inpatient. "Yes" he answered still grinning. I gave him my number and we went our different ways. I locked the shop doors and drove home. I carefully pulled into my drive way and noticed that the front door was wide open. Bliss must be home i thought as I climbed out of my car and walked in the house. I walked in and saw someone sitting on the couch. I quickly run back outside the house and called Bliss ring... Ring .. Ring "Hello" bliss said into the phone. "There is someone on the couch." I whispered "yeah I know" she whispered back "have you called the cops" "why would I call the cops if I'm sitting on the couch." She said confused. "What." I was so confused. "Im sitting on the couch in your house right now." She said. I hang up and walked through the door and into the lounge room. And sure enough it was Bliss sitting on the couch. "BLISS WHAT THE HELL?" I yelled at her. "What" she said standing up off the couch. "I thought you were a robber or a murder ." "Why" she said as if i was stupid. "Because I could only see the back of your head AND IT WAS PURPLE." I yelled again pointing to her hair which was now a purply plum color. "Oh yeah do you like it." She said flipping her hair. "Yes I do but Im still mad at you for giving me a heart attack" i said seriously as I walked up to my bed room. Buzz... Buzz my phone went off as soon as I reached the top of the stairs. "Hello?" I said into the phone."hi" a guys voice echoed through the phone. "Im sorry who is this" i asked still standing at the top of the stairs. "It's Harry the guy from the flower shop." "Ohh sorry Hi" i said closing my bed room door after i walked in. Harry and I spoke for about after an hour before he had to go and by the end of the phone call we had arranged to go to the beach tomorrow.
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